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STLC Overview – Definition, Phases, and Important Interview Questions

The Software Testing Life Cycle is known as STLC or a sequence of activities performed under the qualified team of professionals from start to the end of the project

By James WarnerPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

The Software Testing Life Cycle is known as STLC or a sequence of activities performed under the qualified team of professionals from start to the end of the project. A reliable software tester should have immense knowledge of top automation testing tools and the processes involved in it. Here in this article, we will tell all critical STLC phases and a few yet essential interview questions to make you prepare for getting selected in the Software Development Company.

There are a total of six phases included in STLC. If you talk about definition, STLC is a testing process executed by the testing team in a sequence to meet the quality goals. STLC is not a single activity, but a bunch of activities performed to get the premium product at the end.

Phases of STLC

There are distinct phases involved in STLC which we are going to discuss now:

Requirement Analysis

• Test Planning

• Test Case Development

• Environment Setup

• Test Execution

• Test Cycle Closure

STLC Phases

1) Requirement Analysis

The initial phase of the STLC is a requirement analysis in which the team goes through the requirement document to know the testable needs. The team may set up a meeting with the customer if anything is left unclear in the text.

After gripping on the document, the team will document the acceptance criteria and forward it to the client for approval.

2) Test Planning

The Test Planning phase starts once the requirement analysis phase is completed. In test planning, QA manager or QA lead creates a test plan and strategy files. The manager is also responsible for providing testing effort estimations.

In this phase, the team performs an estimation of the testing effort and selects the first approach. Also, prepare test plans and strategy documents. Resource planning and assigning the role is the next thing, and once it is over, they finally select the testing tool.

3) Test Case Development

QA team writes test cases under the test case management phase. Apart from examples, the team also writes scripts for automation when needed. Both the test cases and test scripts are verified through peers. The professionals create test data under the phase of test case development.

4) Test Environment Setup

Here in the test environment setup, the installation process of software and hardware is done, which is needed for app testing. In the test environment setup phase, if the project requires a third-party app, it is also integrated by the team professionals.

5) Test Execution

Before starting the next phase of test execution, it is vital to achieve the test environment setup. Once it is done, test cases need to be executed in the testing environment. During execution, the QA team may detect bugs, and these bugs are addressed and fixed by the developer, and retesting is done by the organization.

6) Test Cycle Closure

Once the test execution gets completed, the team can begin with a test cycle closure phase. Here in this phase, the QA team will meet and debate on testing artifacts.

The valid discussion needs to be made with one objective, i.e., to learn mistakes from the corrupt practices.

Major STLC Interview Questions

If you are a QA professional and looking for a job, then you should read and learn more about the following interview questions:

1. STLC includes how many numbers of phases?

2. Can you name the phases sequence wise?

3. What is the entry criteria and exit criteria?

4. What happens in Test Planning?

5. Is there any deliverable in the stage of test planning?

6. Why Test Cases and Test Scripts are utilized?

7. What is the reason for choosing a test approach and strategy?

8. When retesting of defects in STLC is done?

9. What is the last phase of STLC?

10. How STLC differ from SDLC?

These are some questions relevant to software testing profiles. If you are even looking for hiring software testing professionals, you can ask them these questions for essential evaluation. There are development companies offering software testing services to their global and outsourcing partners. You can find such companies and avail premium testing services for your business applications. Companies like Aegis Soft Tech have the best QA teams to provide you software testing solutions at affordable rates.


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