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Spear Phishing Prevention in 2021

by Vishesh Gupta about a month ago in cybersecurity

How to Stop Cyber Attacks

If you are looking for the ways by which you can prevent your site, data, industry or an organization from the hackers and attackers, then this article is for you.

In this article we are going to discuss about the spear phishing attack and how you can prevent your informative data from hackers.

Spear Phishing Attacks are more successful than the usual phishing attacks, and why they are more successful, we will discuss it in this article below. So if Spear Phishing is the new word for you, then don’t worry you are going to habitual with this word after reading this article.

So, by not wasting more time here, let’s see the topics we are going to discuss in this article.

So, the topics we are going to cover in this article are as follows: -

What is Spear Phishing Attack?

Why Spear Phishing is more successful?

How you can prevent your data from Spear Phishing?


What is Spear Phishing?

Have you ever heard about the Spear Phishing attacks? If No, then let me tell you about Spear Phishing. Spear Phishing attack is similar to the usual phishing attack but in this attack the target is set and the attackers directly target that one particular organization.

Let me make it more simple for you, when we talk about the phishing attack then the attacker doesn’t target a particular industry, he chooses a random industry and attack (yes, they choose a random site), but when we are moving into spear phishing, the attacker set a target to attack a selected industry and start phishing to attack on that organization.

Why Spear Phishing is more successful?

Before moving on to the Spear Phishing Attack Prevention, I would like to tell you more about the Spear Phishing, like Why Spear Phishing is more successful and why you need to be alert about it?

So, as I told you all above that under Spear Phishing the attacker sets a targeted organization to attack and that is the main reason behind why Spear Phishing is more successful.

Now the question should be, how? Okay let me clear this thing for you. When we know who is our target then we know what we have to do, we do a complete research about our target, we collect all the strong and weak points of our target, after we completed our research and collect all the required knowledge, we are prepared to attack our target, and this is the reason that why Spear Phishing is more successful as in comparison to normal Phishing.

How you can prevent your data from Spear Phishing?

Okay here is the main question arises that how you can prevent spear phishing so to save your data and can generate a strong defense against spear phishing.

So the best answer is to this that the first thing you have to do is, educate your employees and inform them about the spear phishing attacks and about the fraud mails and links, create seminars so to have a good knowledge about spear phishing attacks, so that they can have an idea about the spam mails and prevent your industry from the Spear Phishing attacks.

The second thing you can do is that, you can increase the layers of security that secure your organization’s data. As the number of security layers increases, the possibility to prevent spear phishing on your site reduces.

Now, you may be thinking or not, but you have to, that how will you know whether it is a spam mail (spear phishing). So here are some of the reasons and practices that can help you, are as follows: -

There can be grammatical errors on the sentences, or some texts that you never ever heard before.

If you find everything good but still have some doubts, you can confirm that through your team and senior.

If you are unable to find any wrong and spam thing there, then you can install anti-phishing protection software, which will definitely help you in prevention from Spear Phishing.

So these were some that can help you in Spear Phishing Protection. Yes, these are not that professional prevention technique that will help you 100% to secure your industry from the Spear Phishing Attackers, but all this you can do to secure your industry from them.


Spear Phishing is one of the successful attacks for the attacker and harmful for us, as there are more chances to attack gets success. So, if you want to secure your data from the Spear Phishing Attackers, then please read our prevention techniques we mentioned above. And I hope this article will be helpful for you and you got some knowledge about Spear Phishing Attack and how you can prevent your data from it.

At the end, I just want to say that if you have any type of doubts and suggestions related to this article, then please let us know via your comment below, you every single comment will be appreciated.

Vishesh Gupta
Vishesh Gupta
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