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Smartphone Codes You Should Know About Already

Dial These For Better Results

By Sam Writes SecurityPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Smartphone Codes You Should Know About Already
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Smartphone codes are useful, and straight to the point the only problem for most is knowing that certain codes exist. Today, I’ll be sharing with you a few useful codes that you probably didn’t know about. Please note that some of these codes may only work on android devices, iPhone, and the rest are practically for any Smartphone available be it an Android, Symbian or Windows smartphone.

Still, not every android device is compatible with some of these codes so it's very common if yours is one of them. You've probably come across some USSD codes that only work on Samsung mobile phones, or Nokia, Sony but others are nothing but general USSD codes. I hope you find this information useful, and if you did YOU'RE WELCOME.

Call Redirection

Did you know that someone else may be answering calls that should be received by you? It is a possibility, and unfortunately it shows on your phone bill because you actually receive the call before it goes to the second line well, technically. This is quite a useful feature but as you can imagine it can be used in negative ways as well. For this dial *#62#. If # doesn’t work in the end use * instead. Possible numbers that may be receiving your calls will show after dialing this code. If it’s empty then you have nothing to worry about if it isn’t read on.

Call Diversion

Diversions may be similar with redirection but, unfortunately these are harder to detect. Remember, with redirection you actually pay for the calls. With diversion calls don’t even reach your line. The calls are cancelled before they’re answered, and placed on a different line. This is usually a result of a fake cell tower but for this, the person behind the act usually needs your phone in order to pull this through. How often do strangers get to use your phone for quick calls? For this dial *#21# you’ll get to see what numbers are receiving your calls, SMS and data if any.


Our phones may look alike even if we use the same brand and model but, the 15 digit number should be yours,and yours alone. Imei number is very useful especially in terms of theft if you go to the police this is a must have. But, of course you may need your imei number for different purposes so here you go find out what your imei number is. Dial *#06#.

Device Info

With the code *#*#4636#*#* your android device displays quite a number of things including your phone’s Imei number, network status, battery status, ping test, cellular radio power, and even call redirection status. Give this a try.

Touch Screen Tests

Your phone may freeze, is it normal? Well, it happens but sometimes the touch may be the problem. To find out whether or not some parts of your screen are dead use this code for a test *#*#2664#*#*.

Field Test

Dial *3001#12345#* for a field test on iPhone. You actually have to dial or should I say call for this to work :) The field test provides you a lot. So, go on and find out how your phone is doing.

I hope this helped. Before putting my pen down let’s go back to call redirection for a minute. If anything popped up, if by any chance someone is taking your calls you can actually put an end to it. After you do though have someone help you, chances are that the person may be doing more depending on who that would be but to undo call redirection simply dial ##002# and hit OK. OK?

This article was previously published on Medium https://medium.com/secure-words/smartphone-codes-you-should-know-about-already-222833cd822

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