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Smart Solutions for Securing Your Home Office

The increasing number of people working from home spark curiosities on how to better manage data security.

By Clarissa LearyPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Smart Solutions for Securing Your Home Office
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The number of people who enjoy the benefits of working from home is on the constant rise. Among other reasons that are behind this trend it is the technological advancements that increased the scope of potential work that can be done out of home office. This diverse list is being expanded on a daily basis which introduces various concerns that were until recently not related to home offices in such a degree. One of the biggest concerns is safety. If you are troubled by safety issues, these smart solutions will help you solve them efficiently.

Separate Home and office networks and increased data protection

If you use Internet for your regular business operations a high level of security is obligatory. The first step would be to separate your home and office networks either by having a router with multiple SSIDs or establishing a completely separate internet connection. The next step is to encrypt your Wi-Fi in order to prevent anyone else but you from using it. Furthermore, your firewall needs to be on at all times and constantly updated and refreshed. Lastly, regularly go through security checklist and make sure everything is fully covered.

Data storage and backup

If you are dealing with large quantities of digital data, a safe storage as important for protecting it as the network security is. Having multiple backup solutions is essential in making sure your data will not get lost. Having this in mind, include both external hard disks and cloud storage as your regular backup tools. If one thing fails, the other is there to save the day. On the other hand, if you are obliged to keep printed versions of the documents, locked drawers, cabinets and safes are the best options. Which one you will opt for primarily depends on the sensitivity of data in question.

Door locks and safes

Everything security related starts with a door lock. Your home being an office is now potentially more interested to burglars. It does not really matter if you do not keep any money in it, a potential burglar, knowing that there is business going on inside assumes that there is a money in there, as well. It may come as a bit of surprise, but the number of faulty door locks used in households is dramatically high. This is unacceptable for any serious home owner, let alone a business person. Therefore, start by making sure your locks are always in perfect working order, and then buy a safe for storing your valuables.

Security cameras

There is a number of good reasons why installing a security camera inside and outside your home is a smart idea. For example, they can be linked to the authorities and inform them in case someone broke in or there is a fire when you are not at home. The recordings they make will help identify the burglars, and, what is more, they are a great way of deterring potential ones. In the vast majority of cases if they are clearly visible there will be no breaking in in the first place.

Better safe than sorry is a saying that should linger in your thoughts at all times. Making sure that your business is fully protected will not only take a lot of your shoulders. It will allow you to concentrate on the work itself and other improvements that can be made in your home office. It is important that you always stay on top of things and be regularly updated on the latest security developments or threats since prompt reactions are very often required in order for the protection to be long term and efficient.


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