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Six Streaming Services That Have Pop-up Mainstream Entertainment

The Best Live Streaming Services

By Abdul Majid QureshiPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 5 min read

Are you looking for a quality streaming service to help you save money and cut the cable cord but are unwilling to give up news networks, live sports, and seasonal programming? Then live TV streaming might be of interest to you. Live streaming is akin to on-demand streaming with all-digital capabilities and simplicity of use across numerous platforms. Although there is no set-top box, the service is similar to cable TV in that it includes local news stations, sports, and fresh episodes of popular shows.

We've compiled a list of the Best Live TV Streaming Services for 2021, with companies such as HBO Max (HBO Max TV Sign in Guide)YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and Philo TV all cutting. Continue reading to learn about the features and benefits of each service.

The Best Live Streaming Services

1. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is 2021's Best Live TV Streaming Service and 2021's Best Sports Streaming Service. YouTube TV is a streaming service that offers over 85 channels and can be used in place of cable. For $64.99 a month, subscribers have access to HGTV, Comedy Central, Food Network, Disney, (See Disney Plus Begin Easy Guide)PBS, BET, MTV, Nick Jr., and various sports networks such as ESPN and NBC Sports. On the other hand, YouTube TV may not be the greatest option for games played outside of major markets or by non-local clubs.

A subscription permits you to stream content across three different devices and create six distinct profiles. Without additional charge, YouTube TV features unlimited cloud DVR storage. You get nine months to preserve recordings as long as you are an active member. A five-day free trial allows you to evaluate the service.

2. Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is ranked No. 2 in our 2021 ranking of the Best Live TV Streaming Services. It's a unique option because it includes live TV streaming and Hulu's on-demand library access. The package is $64.99 per month and includes over 75 live channels, including local networks and sports channels, 50 hours of cloud DVR storage, and quality live movies to up to two screens. Hulu Plus Live is available for free or $70.99 a month with no advertisements. Popular series such as "Shrill," "Dopesick," and "American Horror Story" are all included, as are classics such as "The Golden Girls" and "The Simpsons."

You may try Hulu + Live TV for one week without committing. Hulu + Live is now available in a special bundle with Disney+ and ESPN+, and for an extra $14.99 per month, you can add HBO Max to your Hulu account.

3. DirecTV Stream

AT&T consolidated its AT&T TV Now and AT&T TV offerings to provide an all-in-one on-demand and live TV streaming service. DirecTV Stream, the company's new service, is ranked sixth in 2021's Best Live TV Streaming Services. DirecTV Stream's base subscription costs $69.99 per month, and the top-tier bundle costs $139.99 per month. The basic package contains entertainment, sports, family, and lifestyle programs; the premium package adds HBO Max movies, STARZ, and SHOWTIME. Alternatively, you can customize your package by selecting a base plan and adding additional features. For instance, the cheapest plan includes 20 hours of cloud DVR storage; however, users can upgrade to endless hours for an additional $10 a month. Although DirecTV Stream is contract-free, certain promotions may need you to sign up for a 12-month plan to receive the discounted subscription. Additionally, AT&T bundles its streaming service with its internet subscription to provide additional discounts.

4. FuboTV

FuboTV may be an excellent option for cord-cutters who appreciate sports programming. It is ranked third in our 2021 rankings of the Best Live TV Streaming Services and the Best Overall Streaming Services. From $64.99 per month, fuboTV delivers over 100 channels, including ESPN, professional and college sports, and NFL Network. It features three concurrent streams and 250 hours of cloud-based DVR storage. FuboTV offers Latino Quarterly for $33 per month if you're looking for additional programming. This package contains sports and other Spanish-language programs.

Additionally, FuboTV Extra is available for $79.99 per month and offers 1,000 hours of cloud-based DVR storage and an unlimited number of concurrent streams. A seven-day trial period is included with the service.

5. Philo

Philo is ranked sixth in our ranking of video streaming services and is one of the more economical options. Monthly fees start at just $20 and include 67 channels and an on-demand library. Philo is not a good choice for sports fans, as the bundle does not offer any sports. Philo, on the other hand, supports up to three concurrent streams and provides access to channels such as Discovery Channel, Food Network and TLC, as well as TV shows such as "Southpark," "Two and a Half Men," and "Naked and Afraid."

Philo's news programming is sparse, but its DVR storage is limitless. Epix is a $6 monthly add-on, whereas STARZ is a $9 monthly add-on. Philo offers a seven-day trial period during which customers can evaluate the service without being bound by a contract.

6. Sling TV

Sling TV is tied for third place with fuboTV in our 2021 ranking of the Best Live TV Streaming Services. It offers a free tier and two paid tiers that may be tailored to your specifications. Sling Free enables you to sample Sling TV content without committing to anything, and the free trial period is unlimited. Sling Orange and Sling Blue plans begin at $35 a month, with a $50 monthly bundle available.

Depending on the plan you choose, you'll receive NFL Network, FOX News, BET, CNN, ESPN, and AMC. If your primary interest is in news and entertainment, you can start with Sling Blue and expand your bundle from there. If you enjoy sports and family-friendly programming, you may customize your subscription with Sling Orange and add-ons. Fifty hours of cloud DVR storage are included with Sling TV.

What Is Streaming TV?

Compared to cable television, live television streaming services provide a more convenient experience. You do not require the additional equipment or installation required by cable or satellite television services. Numerous live TV streaming services offer free trials, allowing you to evaluate them before deciding to subscribe. Canceling afterward is likewise simple, as live streaming services often charge on a month-to-month basis and do not demand commitment contracts like cable television does. Finally, streaming services do not include hidden surcharges, which can significantly increase the ultimate cost of a cable TV bill.

To access a TV streaming service, you'll need the following:

Continuous internet access. Unlike video streaming services, few live television providers allow you to download programs to watch offline later.

A gadget that streams, Typically, you may stream live television directly from the website of a streaming service. To see on a larger screen, you'll need a smart TV or a streaming device such as a Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Apple TV. Additionally, you can utilize a game console, such as an Xbox or PlayStation, occasionally (PS4 or PS5). Ascertain that the streaming technique you intend to use is compatible with your chosen service.

Numerous live streaming providers include on-demand video content as well. As with Netflix login, you can watch these on-demand films and television series whenever you want, without previously recording the title. This is an effective counter-argument to the "there is nothing on television" criticism. Certain households achieve the best of both worlds by subscribing to a live television streaming provider and a separate on-demand streaming service. Other streaming providers offer both live television and on-demand video.


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