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Serving Up Passion With A Heap Of Purpose

The loving tale of a visionary with heart!

By CreativeKeePublished 2 years ago 18 min read
Serving Up Passion With A Heap Of Purpose
Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash

Studies show everyone has an app they are inexplicably attached to. An app that may be used across different devices at any given time or even simultaneously, if desired.

Fun Fact: According to Statista, An average US consumer spends more time using apps than watching TV. TechCrunch reported Consumers spent 3.5 trillion minutes on apps from Android devices alone in 2020.

Looking at those statistics does not surprise me! I know what my go-to app is, you know, the one I cannot live without or even imagine a world without its existence...

What is the app or digital service that is most important to you? Which is the one that you would never consider deleting no matter how many times you get that pesky "storage full" message on your device?

Is it just one app, or do you have multiple that you treasure dearly?

Well, for me, it is my YouTube Premium Music App. I pay $14.99/mo for the family plan for my husband, 2 sons, and myself. I love the quality design of the app and the features it provides to music lovers everywhere! I have it on every device; my phone, my computer, and my tablet. It feels like this app was made specifically for me...

Research shows others feel the same!

Statista's app usage reports show that YouTube was the most popular app in 2020, with a mobile audience reach of 72.8%.

Mobile audience reach of leading smartphone apps in the United States as of February 2021, According to Statista.

I think that is both remarkable and telling; as someone who also has dreams of developing an app for creative artists. I aspire to have a platform to share everyone's talents with the world.

Let me take a moment to introduce myself before I tell you more about the plan.

Hi, my name is Keaira, most people call me Kee. On Vocal I'm known as CreativeKee.

I am a natural-born music lover; I assume since preconception. I say that because my relationship with music goes far beyond the physical experience. Therefore, it must have been connected to my soul before my physical form. I am sure of it, the way it uplifts and balances my spirit while running through me as fluidly as blood runs through my veins. It is nothing short of divine.

Music is not merely a part of me, music IS me!

Growing up, I experienced music in every stage of life and I was compelled by my love for it to experience it in many different forms. Some of those include experiencing music through; Dancing, Singing, Meditation, Sound Therapy, Musical Arts, and Poetry just to name a few.

The beauty of music is something so near and dear to my heart that, when I was younger, I was afraid to allow music to turn into work. I was very protective of my connection to it! I had this preconceived notion that if I turned my deepest passion into a job or made it any bit less pleasurable it would somehow diminish the love and appreciation I had for it. Because of that initial way of thinking, Every time I would feel my interaction with music turning into a duty of some sort, I would find a reason to end that interaction out of fear of tainting my precious organic love of music and the vibration it resonates in my soul.

Some may declare their native tongue as their first language, however, music was mine. I could sing and understand tunes and melodies before I could talk or walk and when I did rise to my feet my first movement was discovered through dance (and what do you dance to? that's right, music!)... I grew up hearing stories about how fascinating it was to watch 'Baby Kee' put on musical shows during family gatherings for entertainment. I even remember doing performances with my cousin in North Carolina during Family Reunions every summer in July. It didn't matter how good or bad we did, though I like to think we did amazing, we simply enjoyed the opportunity and encouraged each other to give our best every time!

I participated in Marching and Classical band, Dance Teams, Piano Lessons, Church Choir, Performing Arts Academy, and Poetry Competitions throughout grade school. I admired the many forms of music and how it could be just as beautiful without a tune or melody to accompany it. Music is more than sound, it is storytelling in a unique artistic form. Somewhere between starting college at age 16 and becoming a mother at age 19 and dealing with everyday concerns of life and financial hardships, I lost the importance of music in my life. I think society calls it growing up and dealing with the real world; that period of my life was very depressing and unfulfilling. I didn't realize it then but I locked away a very special part of me to become the adult society trains us to be. I am grateful and appreciative of the lessons that period brought me because without them I may not have developed the life tools needed to become who I am and also becoming.

There's a bit of magic in harnessing the past, present, and future. You see, without assessing the past and understanding where you have been you cannot fully appreciate the present of where you are, and without living in the moment of where you currently are you lose control of your future and where you are going.

Here's another way to think about it:

Life is simple math when you reduce it to such. Every action you take in life is an experience. An experience is something we are designed to learn from creating knowledge, our past. We are then to add or maybe even subtract actions in our present to equal the desired outcome, our future. If we learn what we were supposed to learn from our previous experiences and add or subtract the right actions in our everyday life, we get the equation right and move forward in our future. Then, we work on achieving the next future we want. Life's a never-ending equation, even when you get the math right. The hard part of life is when you try your hand at an equation and get the calculation wrong, meaning you haven't learned everything you needed to learn from your previous experience. This causes us to need to repeat the experiences numerous times until we get it right. That is where most people give up on solving the problem. When you get more comfortable with the idea of staying where you are than the idea of solving your problem to move on to the next we allow ourselves to become stuck in the cycle of the last level of life we completed. Some people are happy there. Most are not. I speak from experience, understanding, and compassion. And now I am certain, I am not the type of person to give up just because things get hard. I rise to every challenge with gratitude in mind because it means I am learning something new!

Because of all my past experiences, good and bad, not only have I been able to discover my love and soulful connection to music but I have been fortunate enough to learn so much more about who I am, my purpose, and above all my truest passion, to create! I've learned that I am resourceful, if I don't know something I am not afraid to search for the tools and information that will equip me to know what I need and put it to use. In addition to that, I am a visionary. When I think of the future, whether immediate or long-term, I think of it from 5 different angles and with multiple different outcomes in view. My experiences have allowed me to grow in compassion for others as well. Because I know what it is like to struggle, lose faith or hope, and get lost in life; I have a strong desire to help others who also have, will, or are going through the same things I once had. The unique ability I inherited to fully understand, communicate, and relate to anyone gives me a very unique perspective on how to approach solving problems for myself and the masses in the process.

My soul's passion is to create. My purpose to help others while bringing people together, so we can encourage one another to help ourselves, is what drives me. Below I will share one of many ways I, CreativeKee, envision doing so with music.

Remember how I mentioned YouTube Music was my favorite app. It is also a part of my inspiration. I love how it brings people together and has something for every type of creator.

The app that I'm working on has the same design concept but with much more! The name is not set in stone but for now, I call it 'ExpoZure'.

ExpoZure makes it easy for content creators to collaborate with other like-minded artists, while also having a platform to gain direct exposure to talent scouts looking for what each artist has to offer.

This app offers benefits to every member that uses it.

For the artist, it offers:

  • The ability to gauge viewers engagement and reaction to the content
  • A platform to tell and promote their story and brand
  • Exposure to talent scouts, in their niche, looking for fresh new talent
  • An opportunity to collaborate and co-create with other artists in their field.
  • A way to make money through Tips, Fundraising, Contests, Talent shows, and virtual concerts.
  • and so much more!

An artist that would find this app useful include:

  • Singers of all kinds, Songwriters, Producers, Disc Jockeys, Rappers, Vocalist, Instrument players, and anyone in the Music field.
  • Media Creators such as Podcasts, Web-series, Bloggers, Vloggers, Thespians, Comedians, and others in Media.
  • Those with Visual and Written Arts such as Painters, Sketchers, Poets, Authors, Illustrators, and others with specific talents.

There's a home for every kind of artist here in my app, even those looking to get discovered or collaborate with their creations of technology!

Other users of ExpoZure include Talent Scouts and the audience, also known as, Viewers.

Talent Scouts are offered a unique opportunity as well as unmatched experience to be served with fresh new talent on a consistent basis. They can search for the talent themselves based on any criteria they deem fit or allow my ExpoZure team to assign a virtual A&R or Talent Acquisition Manager to their account to search for talent on their behalf using the quality and features they dictate when registering. ExpoZure makes it easy for Talent scouts to be one of the first to gain direct access to talented creators in their field while saving time and money.

And of course, the app would not thrive without its dedicated viewers. ExpoZure's viewers are made up of those who have a specific interest in one or more categories. They are the support that each creator values when sharing their gifts with the world. Whether a viewer is a fan of Comedy, Music, Books, Art, Dance, Media, or Technology they have a category to feel at home and support the artist responsible for creating the content they enjoy.

I love this app because it brings my passion to create and my purpose to help everyone into one while bringing people together in the process.

Our Mission at ExpoZure is to encourage and foster an environment for creative artists’ collaborations. We aim to do this while supporting every artist’s dream and providing the tools and resources necessary to make them come true before their own eyes. Our Motto is that We Create, We Perform, and We Impact Better Together Simply Because We Are Better Collectively!

Each membership package is geared towards the member’s needs to access everything they need and nothing they don't. This is where Memberful can help!

For Example, The Artist Package Options:

Basic ExpoZure: Free w/ ads

Artists can register a ‘Creator’ profile which allows them to upload a max of 10 different works every 30 days to gain free ExpoZure to Viewers and Talent Scouts. After 30days their work availability is refreshed and reactions such as Applauses, Views, and Standing Ovations are reported weekly. When work availability is refreshed for new uploads, Artist have the option to keep the same 10 works that are already uploaded or rotate out old works for new uploads to be exposed

**This package can purchase add-on features to make it perfect for their needs.

Level 1 ExpoZure: $5.99 - $9.99/mo w/ ads

*Everything included in the Basic ExpoZure plus

  • Unlimited Uploads with the option to archive old works that artist may not want to remove completely from their profile
  • Highlighted Profile in search results when Viewers or Talent Scouts search keywords related to artists’ uploaded content
  • Full Access to Comments and Reactions with detailed reports on types of viewers such as age, gender, demographics, etc.
  • Access to tips from viewers and other creators
  • Option to include Youtube Page Link to direct traffic to their work on another Platform

**This Package can also purchase add-on features like an ad-free profile or add ads by the creator to direct more viewer and talent scout traffic to themselves for an additional small fee.

Level 2 ExpoZure: $29.99/ mo

*Everything included in Level 1 ExpoZure plus

  • Ad-Free profile and Creator Promotional Ads to direct traffic to Artists’ profile.
  • Able to raise money for a specific cause, accept tips, and take donations
  • Full access to collaborate with other Creators and use in-app Collaborative Software to create content together virtually and seamlessly.
  • Social Media Promotion for Viewers and Talent Scouts to access all Social Media accounts directly from artist profile.
  • Access to sign up for Virtual Talent Shows, Host Concerts, Participate in Creative Challenges, and Collaboration Show Cases.

** This package can be split between co-creators after the 1st month of upgrading to the Level 2 package. This can only be split with creators who plan to create content together as one team, individual profiles will be maintained while a joint account will be accessible to both members. Both members must upgrade to Level 2 and will split only $14.99/mo after 1st month once a co-creator is selected and agrees to the partnership collaboration.

The Choice ExpoZure Package:

Allows Artists to build the package that works for them so that they get the most of what they want out of their membership and nothing they don’t! Artists can choose to select profile features, a la carte, like reactions and comments or social media promotion. Maybe they only want the ability to promote themselves through ads and enter contests and challenges. No matter what they do and don’t want they can make their ExpoZure account exactly as they see fit, piece by piece.

Talent Scouts’ Membership Packages are built with their goal in mind as well!

For Example:

Level 1 ExpoZure Scout - $999/ year

  • Full Access to Single and Collab Creators Profiles, Artist Viewer Statistics and engagement ratings, and access to set up meetings with Artists through the app for initial Creator screening and live performance assessment.

Level 2 ExpoZure Scout - $2,500/year

*Everything included in Level 1 ExpoZure Membership plus

  • Virtual A&R or Talent Acquisition Manager to lead the search and retrieval of desired ‘Creators’
  • Full report on Artist Investment Research based on creators' audience type, trending content, performance reviews, and other factors.
  • Access to Sponsor Challenges, Contests, Shows, Artists Review Parties.
  • Notifications of other Scouts expressed interest (number of scouts interested)
  • Alerts on top rising Artists based on monitored statistics in Categories of interest
  • Continued meeting scheduling with creators to maintain contact, interest, and next steps for possible deals between Scouts and Content Creators.

Sounds pretty incredible right?

I think so too, And I haven’t even told you about the Viewers’ Membership options!

Basic Viewer Membership: Free

  • Viewers and supporters can view profiles and artist content freely
  • React to content by Applauding, Liking, and/or Standing Ovation
  • Tip Single or Collab Creators to give monetary support to their favorite creators
  • Premium Viewer Membership: $5.99/mo or $14.99 for 3mos

    *Basic Viewer features plus

    • Access to Live and Recorded virtual shows
    • Ability to vote unlimited times on favorite Creators during Contests, Challenges, and talent shows.
    • Invitations to Content Review Parties, Artist Showcases, Talent Shows, and more
    • Option to leave comments or words of encouragement on creators' content or profile.

    **Each membership package is designed with the members' Needs, Wants, Privacy, Ease of Use, Ideal Experience, and Best interest in mind!

    As you can see, I think of things from every angle when it is something I am passionate about and I am inspired by every new idea and the possibility of providing something useful to the world we live in. Everyone is a creator in their own right and my App ExpoZure is just one way to make space for everyone in their niche.

    Just like Facebook's initial launch was geared with a specific goal in mind and adapted to the needs and wants of the public; my app also has room for growth and continuous developmental adjustments.

    Since first having this dream of creating this platform I have taken coding and app building classes to learn the ins and outs of building an app from scratch. I’ve also taken time to vet 3rd party app builders to see if it would be more feasible to work with a team to have it built for me. I plan to collaborate with many different companies and software teams including Memberful for the execution of this project as well as others because as previously mentioned, We Are Stronger Collectively! My mind, body, and soul have affirmed this project is the right thing so no matter what, it shall be.

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again!

    I am a passionate creator and my purpose to help improve others for the betterment of the world is what drives me. As a visionary, I see many ways to implement new ideas, practices, and programs to unite people, uplift people, and empower people to be better than their best selves. Doing this will result in collectively learning from our world's past, to have our best present day, and an even better tomorrow.

    If you are interested in seeing some additional ways I plan to use my passion to create and to improve the world one member at a time, Checkout my Dream World bucket list, below. This list is comprised of goals I plan to execute before my life on earth expires. With every idea, I bring the universe one step closer to togetherness, wellness, love, and consciousness for self and all. If I can manage to do this even on the smallest level I will have served my purpose and made this world just slightly better than it was when I arrived.

    After reading this and taking a look at the list below, you will both see and agree that an investment into me and my dreams is simply an easy way to invest in everyone at once. I am the living, breathing, physical manifestation of the saying "All for one, One for all". Believe in me because I believe in everyone and together we will improve our world, one member at a time!

    My Name is Keaira and I am the Founder and CEO of ExpoZure.

    I also am a newly Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Meditation Facilitator.

    If you are interested in collaborating with me on any one of my projects or would like more information regarding my mission, passion, or purpose please email me at [email protected]

    If you want to support or contribute to any project or cause please feel free to send donations to my business cashapp $GuidedWithGrace with the desired cause/project in the 'for' section.

    ** Some causes and/or projects listed below will have crowdsource funding options available for those who are interested in investing so please email me with your best contact information if you would like to be notified when these opportunities become available!

    All support, donations, shares, encouragement, and collaborations are welcomed and appreciated, they will be amplified with grace in the universe. Ase, it is so!

    My Dream World Bucket List:

    1. Online Meditation and Life Coaching business - an opportunity for life coaches and wellness facilitators to come together on one platform in our efforts to improve the well-being of others, one member at a time.
    2. Semi-Annual Meditation World Tour - an opportunity to spread loving awareness to the world and the living things that inhabit it. The tour would travel twice a year, every 6 months for 2 months holding Meditation sessions outside in open spaces with members of local communities and neighboring cities while channeling positive energy, love, and light everywhere we go.
    3. Spiritual Wellness Mall - A place to be confident, comfortable, and content with your spirituality. The Mall would provide, products, services, and support to those who are new or familiar with spiritual practices such as Meditation, Yoga, Tarot Readings, Soundbaths, and Prayer. This is a safe place for those who may not have space or peace at home to learn, develop, or practice their spirituality. Here your beliefs are protected and respected.
    4. Vigos Health and Wellness Food Chain- Vigos is a wellness fast-food franchise dedicated to serving vegans on the go. This franchise is for anyone who cares for their health and the health of all life forms. No animal by-products will be used or served in any Vigos franchise. The restaurant supports healthy living choices not just by the food it serves but by encouraging carpooling, biking, and walking to the restaurant by providing discounts and other membership rewards.
    5. Master M.O.Ms & D.A.D Program - A program geared towards helping others get their goals, life, visions, personal development, and resources on track through a step-by-step progression with support and encouragement from those who have experienced similar situations or have achieved similar desires. Master M.O.Ms stands for Master Minds Over Matters and D.A.D stands for Dedicated and Driven. Skills such as financial literacy, mental health, and business are taught to help members in underserved communities not just survive but thrive in their communities or wherever they choose to spend their lifetime.
    6. Sustainable housing for the homeless - a lifelong project dedicated to having sustainable homes and shelters for less fortunate individuals and families. This housing type will afford shelter, food, and resources in a sustainable way for those who may not have access to them otherwise!

    Thank you for reading! One Love , One Life, One World <3

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