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Sensational Engagement Rings From Celebrities

by maaya fine 2 months ago in list
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Maaya Fine Jewels

Everyone wishes to get to experience the moment of getting an engagement ring. We believe the ring or the band tightens the bond of the relationship. We take it as the beginning of our forever, and this emotion boosts the importance of a beautiful engagement ring sparkling like our love.

Some other engagement rings we adore are found on celebrities' fingers. They make a louder noise for their love. One option they choose for their loved ones is among many and gain the sensation for many. Such designs can be found at a diamond jewelry store in New Jersey.

It is natural to be impressed by the designs these people choose and try to find one very close or similar. These designs can be the inspiration while designing a ring or choosing one from Jewelry stores in New Jersey if residing there or planning to have your grand moment of proposing there.

9 celebrities' sensational engagement rings designs:

Oval-shaped diamond ring:

Over time many celebrities flaunted oval-shaped diamond engagement rings with various carats of diamonds. Kate Middleton, Blake Lively, Simon Biles, Kourtney Kardashian, Joey King, Hailey Bieber, Jasmine Tookes, and many more celebrated oval-shaped diamonds in their left hands. These diamonds are easy to match up with a casual diamond jewelry set.

Cushion-cut diamond ring:

Celebrities spend a fortune getting engagement rings for their partners and make grand gestures to begin forever with their loved ones. These fortunes are well settled on the ring fingers of celebrities like Megan Markle, Priyanka Chopra, Sophia Vergara, Molly Sims, and Anushka Sharma in the kind of Cushioned-cut diamonds. Designs of this kind can be explored at a diamond jewelry store in New Jersey if you plan to celebrate your proposals there.

Pear-shaped diamond ring:

The following preferred design by celebrities has been a pear-shaped diamond to set on the left hands of their partners. Cardi-B, Sophie Turner, Paris Hilton, and Sonam Kapoor flaunted their pear-shaped diamonds on red carpets like none other. They cost the respective ones a great fortune and made a sensation. These shapes match almost every diamond jewelry set to celebrate.

Square-cut diamond ring:

Unlike others, Kelly Clarkson and Elizabeth Hurley flaunted their glazing square-cut diamonds with pride. These stones created a sensation and glazed well on their fingers. The patterns inspired many at the time.

Toi et Moi diamond ring:

This is one very fantastic kind of pattern in engagement rings. This kind of ring has intimate meanings, and they grab attention quickly. Megan Fox and Ariana Granade celebrated this kind on their fingers. There are various designs available at jewelry stores in New Jersey.

Emerald-cut diamond ring:

This kind has been in a buzz for a long time and grabbed sensation for many. Jennifer Lopez, Cardi-b, Heidi Klum with Deepika Padukon carried these huge stones amazingly. Their sparkle is worth the fortune spent and brings glaze with excellent cut and clarity depending upon the carats preferred.

Flower-shaped diamond ring:

This kind was perfectly carried and swiftly gained sensation when set in the hand of Katy Perry. This kind goes the traditional way of celebrating love.

Radiant-cut diamond ring:

Similarly, Brittney Mathew brought fame to the radiant-cut diamond with her perfectly fitted engagement ring.

Round solitaire ring:

Also, Brittany Snow glazed with simple round solitaire when she celebrated her engagement. This simple yet attractive diamond can easily fit all casual and traditional diamond jewelry sets.

Wrapping Paragraph

There are many sensational engagement rings of celebrities perfectly sitting on the left hands of their partners. These patterns cost them a fortune and created a buzz of love around them. Many were inspired by their chosen patterns and are still trying to get similar designs to celebrate their love.


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