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Reminder to Be Mad: Your Video Games Are Still at Risk from Those Net Neutrality Rollbacks

by Dustin Murphy 4 years ago in tech news
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This ruling that the FCC is looking at changing is the epitome of everything that is wrong with a service such as the internet.

When it comes to the use of the internet in my household, it's heavily used. We have Netflix, Amazon Video, Google Play, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo network, and even various music streaming services going at all times. It's a complicated matter on how our internet could be treated and how companies, as well as the FCC, are looking at treating it in the very near future.

This ruling that the FCC is looking at changing in regards to Net Neutrality is a damning one and it's the very epitome of everything that is wrong with a service such as the internet. If you recall in my last article regarding Net Neutrality and the threats being made towards it, you may recall that I stood at the side of John Oliver, and I even agreed that our voices need to be heard. However, the FCC may not have heard us loud enough.

The FCC Looks to Roll Back Net Neutrality

Courtesy: Nintendo

If you remember, I stated that Ajit Pai, the chairman of the FCC has been a scary dude, and by scary, I mean he wants to take the 2015 FCC ruling about Net Neutrality, and use it as his toilet paper. The bill in 2015 was one that helped protect consumers from ISPs, it looked to give us the rights that we have no where the internet is equal, it's not controlled by the ISPs. It was set in such a way that ISPs couldn't limit our bandwidth based on what services we use, what packages we have, or how we want to enjoy our leisure time online.

Starting soon, Ajit Pai and his pals are looking to re-examine those very rules that protect us from such things happening. They want to make it a potentially painful ordeal for those of us who use the internet. If they are able to roll it back, the FCC will allow the internet to once more be a hectic place for American consumers. They will allow your ISPs to once more control our bandwidth's as they see fit, or rather, to how anyone wants to see your internet used. Want to visit your favorite website such as us here at Creators, Movie Pilot, or Now Loading? Can't do that, your ISP has decided it hurts their service, and they prefer to lock you from our websites.

Want to download a movie? Well you don't have that package, so your movie download will take an hour longer than what your package offers. Oh, you want to game? Can't do that effectively, you don't own the Gaming Unlimited Package. Those are the VERY rules that could happen if the FCC isn't stopped and American's don't speak up to stop the FCC from doing so.

They Internet Association, Amazon, Netflix and You Game Dev's aren't Backing Down Quietly

Courtesy: Amazon

When it comes to mega companies that rely on the internet such as Amazon, Netflix, and even The Internet Association are standing up to fight back these changes. It's titans such as these companies that could be joined by companies such as Sony who runs PlayStation Network, PlayStation Vue, and even promotes the use of services such as Twitch, Spotify, and many more.

Companies such as these major titans don't want to see Ajit Pai and his lackey's mandate the changes they are looking to do. While the vote is opening up a period of public comment (remember the John Oliver website gofccyourself? Go there, now) where you can voice your thoughts in regards to these changes. Many major online based companies have decided to take a stand against Mr. Pai in order to keep our internet the way it is now.

Xbox Live, Steam, PlayStation Network, Netflix, and Other Online Services Will be the Most Affected

Courtesy: Sony

When thinking of Net Neutrality and bandwidth allowances, it can be quite bothersome to think how they will be affected, and it should be bothersome. Especially if you take into consideration that roughly 40% of the users according to develop-online back in 2010 are online gamers. There's no doubt that that percentage has gone up in 7 years and will continue to do so as consoles become more readily available around the world.

This means that services such as Xbox Live, Steam, PlayStation Network, could see themselves being hampered by ISPs offering "premium" gaming packages for us gamers. This also means that our cost to be online could very well sky rocket and end up with us paying a pretty penny to download our games, stream our content on services such as YouTube, Twitch, RAPTR, or any other service out there.

This means that we will once more be finding ourselves locked under draconian laws that allow for our ISPs to control what we do, how we do what we do, and when we do it. That very statement alone should be enough to ensure that you speak up and let your voice be heard before falling forever silent in hopes to protect the internet and how we know it.

There is Still Time to be Heard

Courtesy: Bethesda

If you want a chance to have your voice heard? The best option once more is to head over to gofccyourself.com, take it to where it directs you, and speak up. Don't let your gaming experiences be hindered because of what others feel it should be. Lets fight to keep our gaming experiences what they are now and to help guide the FCC so that we may have better gaming experiences than ever before.

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