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Reasons to Become a Programmer

It is not just for nerds!

By Miguel FloresPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

When you think of a programmer, you probably think of a person in a dark room with a lot of coffee and in front of a computer all day. Well, sometimes it is like that. But people do not see what programming can teach you. Programming is a beautiful thing. Programming is something that can make a person develop in various ways, like in creativity, patience, perseverance, optimism, organization, more attention to detail, more adaptability, logical thinking, and resourcefulness. All these I learned from learning programming. I am not the best programmer, but it did teach me all those things.

Being a programmer makes you really creative. When you program, sometimes there is already an algorithm that you can copy, but it is up to you to make it your own. Other times when coding, you could need to solve multiple problems with one set of code.

When you program, most times your first set of code is not going to work, and you would need to have patience. When you have the patience, your brain will have time to think about the problem, and you could solve the problem. Some projects will take months to finish, maybe even years.

Like I said before, the code will not always work for you the first time. That is why you need perseverance and optimism, because the code will fail and fail, but you will need patience and perseverance because, at the end, you know you will finally solve the problem. When you see that the codes work in the end, you will develop optimism.

The code can get messy, with all the different variables and functions; you will need to learn how to organize. The organization makes everything easier. When looking for bugs or looking to improve the code, being organized helps a lot.

Even when you are super organized, you will need to be super observant, paying super close attention, because even the little errors can mess up the whole code, as little as a semicolon.

Coding makes you more adaptable. When coding sometimes the features of the software your using can change, making you learn how to be more adaptable and able to roll with the flow. Rolling with the flow is very important when it comes to coding, especially in these times, because there is a lot of new things coming out.

The whole coding processes requires you to analyze problems and systematically attempt solutions. When you do attempt to solve a problem and fail, you need to logically learn from your mistakes.

Lots of people think that programmers are unsocial and can not talk, but in reality programmers need to talk to others when the problem is to solve hard. Programmers can be really resourceful.

When I started to get into programming, I did not have most these traits, but when you start the code, you learn to use all of these traits and you get better in all of them.

All of these traits can also be applied to everyday life things, and it is not just for coding. When you need more information about something, but can not find it, being a programmer teaches you how to be more resourceful. I was not good at solving problems, but when I started to learn how to program, it taught me how to break things down and to see the big problems into little problems.

Learning all these traits not just made me a better programmer, but also a better person, a smarter person. When I see everyday problems, I can use everything I learned from being a programmer. I hope you try to learn how to become a programmer and learn all these traits that make life an easier. I suggest that everyone at least try to learn.


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