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React Native vs Native App Development: Which One to Choose for Your App?

by Smriti chaurasia 2 months ago in apps
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React Native vs Native App Development

There is a long battle between native or react native going from since their launch in the market. Indeed both app development has different benefits and stands out from each other, still, there is a lot of confusion among new business owners to choose one from them.

Native App Development is considered the traditional method and React native is considered the next step of it. However, both app frameworks have their shortcomings which need to be considered before choosing anyone.

As an expert in native and react native development, we have done our research to explain both processes to make it easy for you to choose one.

Don’t flip the coin to make a choice, read the details about both the Native and React Native App Development processes.

What is Native and React Native App development?

Native App

If you are looking for an app exclusively for the App Store, then native app development is the most appropriate choice. Such apps are built to run on solely specific platforms. And to run your app on all the devices - Android and iOS, you will be needing two times native app development. Using Java to build Android apps, Swift, and Objective C for iOS.

Native Apps are more efficient than any other app and provide an exceptional user experience. However, the user experience decides the success of your product and services. And user experience is directly proportional to customer retention.

React Native App

In the world of high technology, preference for tailored experiences, such as framework, React Native App is the best way to create an app for a multitude of devices. With the luring advantages and features offered by React Native App, the disadvantages come along the way.

While Choosing Native or React Native App Development?

While planning to choose from Native or React Native app development, you have to consider multiple features. For instance, if you want to run an application on multiple devices without developing it for each Operating System, React native is what you should choose. When you are looking for an exclusive user experience on a particular platform, nothing can beat the efficiency of the Native applications.

Native App Development

Before choosing Native App Development, you must know whether it is suitable for your business idea or not. Here are a few reasons that will give you clarity about choosing native app development:

  • When planning to create complicated mobile apps
  • Want to target the specific audience base
  • When wants to create an IoT-friendly platform
  • Willing to provide the exclusive user experience

React Native App Development

Organizations that want to run a single app on multiple devices should go for react native app development to enjoy various advantages. Here is when to choose React Native over Native App Development:

  • When to create a simple and standard app
  • Limited time and a tight budget to create an application
  • While creating similar social media apps like Facebook
  • When you want to make your position in the market in a shorter time

Pros of Native and React Native App Development

Let’s dig more and learn how both app development processes are beneficial for new businesses.

Native App Development

  • Scalability: Get a dedicated and scalable application with lower code, easy integrations, rich user experience, a simple debugging process, and other extraordinary features. Whether it is an Android or iOS app, both are highly scalable.
  • Access to the offline device: Native apps can easily access the camera, microphone, location, and unline React. Another big advantage is that features of native apps can be used offline without connectivity.
  • Security: Native apps are integrated with the Operating systems features and have an ultimate safety guard. Native Apps security only relies on API and doesn’t require any third-party integration.

Low bugs and High stability: There are constant updates to improve the user experience and deal with all glitches. Due to the almost zero dependency on third-party apps, there are very low chances of bugs and high chances of stability.

React Native App Development

  • Hot reloading: There is a feature of live reloading in the react native apps, which saves all the updates instantly and provides real-time feedback. Only reloads the changes and not the entire application.
  • Cross-platform development: React Native offers the liberty of using an application on multiple platforms. Developing such applications doesn’t require that much time and can be easily done by using Javascript.

Cons of Native and React Native App Development

Native App Development

  • Maintenance: Native apps demand constant updates, which might be changing the whole features altogether. And the complexity of new updates increases while maintaining hybrid apps.
  • Development and overall cost: Native app development is an expensive affair due to the platforms, framework, and time duration involved in it. Each platform requires different technology like for Android framework Java or Kotlin for iOS Swift or Objective C.

The code is re-written and as per the platform, there are changes in the functionalities too.

React native app development

  • Compatibility and security: In react native, security can become a concern due to the dependence on third-party applications. This dependency usually leads to issues related to packaging compatibility or debugging tools. However, react native is still under development.
  • Lack of modules: React Native doesn’t support all sorts of solutions, which can become a concern for the business that is going for react native app development. In some cases building a custom, module can be less time-consuming than finding any particular component.


Two app development worlds are existing simultaneously, Native and React Native App Development. After Native, React Native is making its position in the market with exclusive features and a similar user experience. However, choosing anyone for your app development depends on numerous factors from the targeted audience to user experience. Expert developers like RG Infoztech assist you to choose the most suitable type of app development services based on the business and industry requirements.


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