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Popular Vintage Electronics Worth A Fortune Today

by Sejal Mehta 4 days ago in vintage

If you take two years off a device these days, that's a lot, especially when you consider that many of us replace our phones with the latest and greatest model every 18 months.

The useful life of the technology is short. If you take two years off a device these days, that's a lot, especially when you consider that many of us replace our phones with the latest and greatest model every 18 months.

At some point, we all get stuck with a bunch of old electronics. Many of them are recycled, but there are some that are packaged and stored in the attic or basement for probably an eternity before being thrown away.

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Some of the most valuable vintage electronics in recent times are as follows-

1. Original Macintosh

In 1984, Apple released its original Macintosh with a lot of noise. This model is available for an exorbitant price of $ 2,495, i.e., equal to approximately $ 5,000 today, this cute all-in-one computer could be yours.

You can get one for less than that today, but you'll still spend around $ 1,000 on one in good working order, or more. In 2014, one was sold on eBay for $ 1,598. And here's a fun bonus, where all early Macs had the Apple team's signatures etched on the inside of the case.

2. Apple I

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak made just 200 of their first Apple computers in 1976, and most of them were sold to computer hobbyists in the San Francisco Bay Area for $ 666.66. The model was replaced by a much fancier Apple II within two years, and the original Apple were suddenly out of date.

We don't know what happened to many of them, but the ones that still exist have a high price, especially if they are still operational. Henry Ford bought more than $ 900,000 for an Apple I in October 2014, and the following month it sold for $ 365,000 at Christie's auction.

3. Atari VCS

Before it was called Atari 2600, it was called Atari VCS or Video Computer System. If you have one of these 1980-1982 first-gen machines and you still have them, you're in luck - they cost around $ 100 on eBay. And when you have a few games to play, you will get even more based on the titles it can offer. Air Raid is the most expensive, selling for over $ 30,000 a few years ago, while ET is the most interesting as it is widely regarded as one of the worst games for the console. A few years ago, a large collection of ET games was pulled from a landfill in New Mexico.

4. iPod Classic

It was the device that really started the digital music revolution, but within a decade or so, the original iPod was dropped in favor of touchscreen models based on the iPhone.

However, demand for this classic remains high and original iPods fetch impressive prices on eBay. Sixth-generation devices with large 160GB hard drives cost $ 300 or $ 400, which is about the same as when they were new.

5. Original Mario Cartridge-

There is definitely a market for used video games, but some titles fetch higher prices than others. One of the most valuable used titles is Mario Kart, but it has to be the original Nintendo 64 cartridge.

Mario has to be one of the most nostalgic games for millennials when they think of this late 90s game, and a cartridge in good condition can sell for up to $ 75. And if it's new and still sealed in the original packaging, you could fetch up to $ 300.

Tell me which valuable electronics you loved the most and what other items are as valuable as these are, in the comments section below.


Sejal Mehta

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Sejal Mehta
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