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PoE Cables and Power Over Ethernet Camera Connections Explained

PoE camera

By Amcrest CameraPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

PoE devices are extremely popular today thanks to their easy to use and convenient nature - they simply plug in to ethernet port and then draw power from the local electricity supply using nothing more than an ethernet cable. This makes them so much more accessible to install, particularly for specialized home security devices such as security cameras. However, PoE can also be problematic, in that there are a number of potential problems that can occur if PoE is not properly installed. In this article, we'll go over some of the most common problems that can occur when PoE is not properly serviced and monitored.

If you're interested in this article, you probably already realize the importance of maintaining your power supply to your PoE camera. As I mentioned earlier, security cameras are typically quite sensitive and require a very tight connection to transmit signals. The potential problem with PoE comes from the fact that your camera may not actually get power from the power supply at all - it may only be "feeling" the presence of power in the form of the power plug. Because of this potential issue, you should always have a trained and certified electrician check your power supply to make sure that everything is working properly. You should also have a backup power supply in case the power goes out.

Some potential issues to consider about PoE cameras

Another potential issue with PoE comes from the fact that it uses sensitive and delicate electronics. Your PoE cameras are connected to low-level analog video cabling that is susceptible to a variety of data corruption issues. For example, some IP security camera systems use very small, very thin, low-priced and very old-school RCA cables that are prone to damage and corruption. When these cables come into contact with moisture, they can become brittle and break, causing the entire PoE security camera system to malfunction.

In order to combat this issue, you can either purchase special, fully-wrap around RCA cables that provide power to your camera using a power supply, or you can buy an inexpensive fixed lens camera adaptor. A fixed lens adaptor usually consists of two parts: a lens cap and a fixed lens assembly that allow you to secure the lens in place without having to twist the head of the adaptor. The fixed lens assembly then adds a diopter to your lens, allowing it to be properly focused. The advantage to using a lens adaptor instead of a separate RCA cable is that you do not need to connect your PoE cameras to a power supply. As long as you have a steady power supply and an IP camera that are capable of running on electricity, you will have great PoE coverage.

How to improve PoE setup using a camera with DVB modem?

However, even with an inexpensive camera, you can greatly improve your PoE setup by using a camera with a DVB modem and a separate video adapter. These cameras can both connect to your computer via a USB port and have their own internal DVB driver. With this set up, you can connect your camera's monitor, keyboard, and mouse to your computer to control the camera's functionality. You can also use your computer's built-in video card to stream videos from your PoE cameras to your television. If you do not have an nVR or if your nVR does not support streaming, you will still be able to watch live TV on your TV and enjoy the security that PoE cameras offer.

Last but certainly not least, when considering Power over Ethernet camera options, you need to think about a reliable power adapter. An adapter can make the difference between shooting your footage and waiting a long time for the camera to power itself on and then recording it. Keep in mind that a high quality camcorder will capture a crisp, clear image, but it will take substantially longer to stream the images from your camera to your TV than it does to simply connect the camera to your computer using the USB cable or HDMI port. By purchasing and using a reliable power adapter, you'll be able to maximize the amount of time you spend shooting your video and, at the same time, minimize frustration you may experience when your PoE camcorder's battery dies on you have to power it up again before you're able to capture any more footage. One can simply visit websites like amcrest.com to buy the latest PoE cameras.


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