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PCEX Member Launches PCEX Futures Priced in C2USD

News of the week: Futures Launched for Indian Cryptocurrency Traders

By Rahul KohaliPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Gurugram, Haryana: PCEX Member, Asia’s safest and India’s fastest cryptocurrency exchange today announces the launch of its new product PCEX Futures to give Indian traders more opportunities of investment for making profits. PCEX Futures contract is a virtual derivative contract that is quoted and settled in C2USD and each contract has a face value of a fixed amount of digital currencies. By introducing futures contracts in lot sizes, PCEX Member becomes the only cryptocurrency exchange in the world that enables traders or investors to buy numbers of contracts in one transaction. Moreover, it becomes the only cryptocurrency exchange in India that works on the NSE or BSE model and enables users to book maximum profit in the futures market at the lowest investment.

The exchange provides a wider derivative portfolio with greater varieties of lot sizes in the C2USD market to cater traders of all levels. From mini BTC contracts to FCC contracts of a lot size of 500, all contracts are available with up to 30x leverage levels. C2USD pairs on PCEX Member include BTC, LTC, ETH, FCC, and BCH. One can buy XMR/C2USD and DASH/C2USD contracts as well on the platform for 10th December 2020.

Sandeep Phogat, CEO and Founder of PCEX Member, said, “ the launch of PCEX Futures, a stablecoin based derivative contracts will not only make trading simpler for users and but will also help them in calculating the risks before entering into the contract”. We have the most competitive futures products with lots of innovative features that will meet user’s trading requirements. He further added.

Key Features of PCEX Member Futures Contracts Includes:

Lot sizes: From mini BTC contracts to larger contracts, multiple lot sizes are available to cater traders of all levels.

Leverage: Up to 30X


Contract Period: 7 days or 30 days

Transaction Fees: 0.3%

Interest: NA

Maker & Taker Fees: NA

“We have also introduced our android app a few weeks ago to enables traders to book the best profit without missing a second in the most volatile market in the world,” said Miss. Chavi Ahuja, Co-founder of PCEX Member. The mobile app comes with a lot of features and tools that will surely optimize users' overall trading experience. Currently, the app supports spot trading in numerous trading pairs in different markets, and in coming days traders can access futures market as well on the app” She further added.

“In futures, currently we have only C2USD market, in the coming months, we will introduce new markets to give users more options for investments in the futuristic financial world.” Said Mr. Sandeep Phogat.

To explore the futures market, visit (https://www.pcexmember.in/futures)

About PCEX Member

PCEX Member is one of the crypto brokers in India that offers traders an opportunity to buy crypto with INR directly using their bank accounts, net banking, wallets, UPI, credit cards, and debit cards. PCEX Member has also become one of the coin trade platforms in India that do not have any deposit and withdrawal fees. Moreover, it is the only cryptocurrency exchange in the world that enables traders to buy & sell futures contracts in lot sizes. Introduced by PCEX, an Estonia based cryptocurrency exchange, PCEX Member has currently 30+ physical offices in India and it has introduced its own unique franchise business model to help enterprises and individuals in achieving financial prosperity by being part of today’s great crypto revolution. To learn more about PCEX Member,

visit https://www.pcexmember.in/futures


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