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OTT PARTY - How to Watch Netflix or any other OTT with Friends?

Know the best OTT Platforms and how to create a seamless watch party with friends worldwide.

By OTT PARTYPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

When you and your long-distance pals want to watch a Netflix show together, you normally start a separate voice chat, count down, and push play at the same moment. Then you have to decide whether the trouble of resyncing is worth it if one of you needs to go to the toilet or something. We're hoping to solve these issues with the services we'll discuss in this article, which will allow you to watch things together with relative ease. From anyone in the world, from any location, watch in sync by creating an OTT PARTY using the OTT PARTY extension.

But first, let's examine the necessity or requirement for employing such a service. We are all aware of this. Online players are helping individuals bridge the gap and socialise digitally while governments throughout the world urge social isolation and home quarantine, with many enforcing statewide lockdowns in order to combat the spread of COVID-19. OTT PARTY, a Google Chrome Extension, for example, allows users to socialise by watching movies and TV shows together online. And how about using the group chat feature while doing so? Yes, OTT PARTY EXTENSION lets you chat with your pals while you watch the videos together.


OTT PARTY is a free, user-friendly plugin that allows you to stream your favourite TV and movies with friends who are far away. Simply install the OTT PARTY extension, establish a watch party, and use the group chat function to stream and enjoy online with your friends and family. Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, HBO Max, and Disney+ all have streaming options.

The extension allows users to watch movies and TV series on the OTT platform with their friends. On desktop and laptop computers, it presently works with Google Chrome browsers. Anyone who attends the party can pause, play, fast forward, and rewind the videos, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. It also offers a side chat bar where members of the group can chat and discuss a movie or show they're viewing together, as well as a mic and video chat function for a true one-on-one experience.


1. Install the OTT party extension.

2. Add the extension to your tool bar.

3. Sign in to your preferred streaming website like Netflix, Hotstar, HBO etc.

4. Search for the TV show or movie that you want to watch and play it.

5. Create an OTT Party by adding everyone you want.

6. Host and control the watch party.

7. Or Join an OTT Party hosted by someone else.

8. Enjoy the video with your loved ones & use the group chat feature too.


While there are many possibilities for viewing party platforms, OTT PARTY’s main advantage is that it is not limited to a single streaming service. It can bring group chuckles from Chandler's sarcasm and can make the entire squad grim while watching the great Game of Thrones, from Netflix to Hotstar, from Amazon prime video to HBO Max, and from Hulu to Disney+.


Yes, this extension is completely free, and it allows you to watch movies and TV episodes from services such as Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, and others. What more could one want? Simply install the OTT PARTY extension and have a pleasant winter night with your loved ones watching millions of TV episodes and movies. It's time to reconnect with your long-distance buddies and make some memories.


Sync is ensured.

Even with buffering issues, video players never go out of sync with our cutting-edge technology.

Group Chat.

Keep an eye on your companions as they laugh with you. Real-time sharing of emotions is the next best thing to being together.

Installation is simple.

After installing the extension, start the party by playing the video and clicking the OTT PARTY logo in the top right corner. Easy-peasy!!

Smart Mic's 'Pause and Talk' feature.

To engage in seamless discussions, the mic is muted during video playback and enabled anytime a video is paused. So press pause and start talking.

So, what do you have to lose? Even if you're physically separated for this watch party, you're all having a great time! Make the most of the pointers by building a virtual version of everyone's favourite event for the Host With the Most. It only takes a little planning, and your virtual watch party may be just as lively as last year's in-person event. Use OTT PARTY now and enjoy with long distance friends.

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OTT PARTY is a free user friendly extension where you can stream your fav shows, movies & watch in sync with your friends living far away. OTT PARTY

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