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Open source intelligence

by R Kalasva about a month ago in how to
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What is open source intelligence?

OSINT's full name is open source intelligence. Its job is to gather information from the Internet. With open source intelligence, the information of any human being and organization can be legally collected from the public sources on the Internet. Using open source intelligence, all the data of cyber criminals and various organizations are collected by in-depth investigation of cyber crimes and obtaining important information from them. The main function of open source intelligence is to gather information about hackers from all over the web world and use artificial intelligence to find them. So, every coin has two sides, one side has a good side and the other side has a bad side. On the plus side, the big companies, the government and the white hat hackers use it to gather information from cyber criminals. In the wrong aspect, cybercriminals themselves use these tools in the opposite direction, that is, because an organization or all human beings use them to get data, it is also known as cyber attack. The function of the open source intelligence framework is to gather information from free tools and resources.

Why cyber world needs open source intelligence.

The importance of data on the internet is increasing day by day. So it is very important to save this data. So there are three types of permissions within your digital device's Internet. Known as Reed, Wright and Executive. This data is associated with three types of users. This data is associated with users, groups and others. If the people in these three groups do not pay attention to the security of the data, then their data does not seem to be distributed in different places i.e. public. As a result, cybercriminals are increasingly looking at the data on a person's digital device. So the risk of cyber attack remains high. Some users are happy if their data is not seen in search engines. And he assumes that his personal data is secure. There are many tools on the Internet that are still working today as an open source intelligence web world. Even if their data is not visible in search engines, they can retrieve the data through certain tools. As a result, human beings or digital organizations have to be vigilant for the security of this digital data.

This will protect you from the black hat hackers of the cyber world.

The beginning of open source intelligence

Thus, open source intelligence started 42 years ago. In the 1980's, the military was gaining knowledge of the importance of the military and the enemy country. This information was secretly carried from one place to another by spies. Which directly benefits the recipient of the information and the country does not even know it. There were no social media platforms in the 1980's. Because of this, human beings, organizations and governments of countries did not have any technology. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Now time is changing day by day and we are moving towards modernity. Due to which, technology is increasing in different countries, organizations, and companies. As social media platforms, websites and cloud technologies spread on the Internet, so did the spread of data on the Internet as humans spread the Internet. Its security and storage increased. As a result, cyber thieves started appearing on the internet. These thieves started using open source intelligence for difficult tasks in order to hunt down user data and many other organizations that are transmitted on the Internet.

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