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My Experience With BlueHost

Finally you have a website and now you would like to host it somewhere.

My Experience With BlueHost
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Finally you have a website and now you would like to host it somewhere. Do a search for a hosting service and you will most probably get BlueHost listed among the first search results. With over 2 million websites hosted on it since 1996 when it was founded, BlueHost is one of the most popular shared hosting service, as well as being inexpensive. Its popularity does not however guarantee the best hosting services. In this review, we explore the hosting site’s features and hopefully help you decide whether to host with it or not.

Below are some of the features we’ll look at:

· Hosting plans and prices

· Speed

· Uptime

· Support

· Security and Reliability

Hosting Plans and Prices:

Currently BlueHost offers three tiers of competitively priced shared hosting plans including basic, plus and pro plans.

The Basic Plan is most the most common plan among beginners, providing the option of hosting only one domain, an unmetered bandwidth, 50GB of websites space and 25 subdomains. This plan goes a monthly fee of $3.49/month.

The Plus Plan goes for a monthly fee of $5.95/month. This allows for unlimited domains, unmetered website space, unlimited website space, unmetered bandwidth and unlimited subdomains.

The Pro Plan is the most advanced plan with charged at a monthly fee of $13.95/month. This plan is packaged to provide unlimited website domains, unmetered website space, unlimited subdomains and unlimited bandwidth. Unlike the Basic and Plus plans which have standard performance, the Pro plan has high standard performance which is the major differentiating factor. The Plus Plan offers the most value for you money comparing the features in all the three tiers.


This is the one aspect of BlueHost’s service that could ultimately be its Achilles’ heel. BlueHost’s speed is wanting. The average website load time in 2016 has been on the rise constantly with a load time of up to 1,863 milliseconds in August. This implies that its speed is not really that good. If it is any consolation however, there are other hosting services that offer much less speed than this.


Considering its very affordable plans, BlueHost’s uptime is quite commendable. There are very few instances of downtime offering up to 99.94% uptime which is within the industry’s acceptable range. So in as much as the up time is not stellar, it really is not that bad.


This is another of BlueHost’s rather wanting department. This majorly is due to their long response time ranging from 10minutes to about an hour. That might be a really long time to wait and could cost you and your website in the long run. Time is money after all right? However, when you can finally communicate with the customer support team, they usually give some tangible help. So that is something to think about.

Security and reliability:

BlueHost seems to have put in some work to ensure your websites security. There are a number of anti-spamming tools such as Spam Hammer and SpamAssasin which rid you of spam. In their security features are IP blacklisting, SSH access and Hotlink protection.

Now let us do some pros and cons so as to help decide whether or not to use BlueHost as your shared hosting service.

The good:

- A lot of integration and Apps as CloudFlare and Google Apps.

- Free domains. At least one.

- Built in anti-spam solutions.

- Free and unlimited e-mail accounts.

- Auto-Backup.

- Free scalability.

- 24x7 Live Support.

- 30 day money-back guarantee.

- Good up time.

The bad:

- Slow speed.

- Migration costs.

Slow customer care response.

I hope you found this useful!

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Nick Davies
Nick Davies
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