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Modification of Air Arabia Flight

Get details of Air Arabia Flight Change and Name Change Policy

By Aliza WilliamPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Air Arabia hails from the United Arab emirates. It is a low-cost airline providing services to various places across different continents. Suppose you are someone who has purchased a ticket with them and made some error while you were writing your name on the ticket. In that case, that raises an issue: how to change mistakes in your name on an Air Arabia ticket so you can make changes if you have misspelled your ticket. This is determined using the name change policy that Air Arabia has made. You have to know the policy to get more clarity on the name change policy, and after knowing it, you have to follow a process

What is the policy for Air Arabia name change

As per the policy, you can change your ticket name for free if your ticket is not yet confirmed. That is, it is on hold.

If you have a confirmed ticket, then there is a cost of a ticket name change that you have to pay to make those changes to your ticket.

You cannot make changes to your ticket at the last minute. You have to make these changes 24 hours prior to the departure of your flight.

The process of making changes to the ticket

After gaining some knowledge regarding the ticket name change, you might want to change the ticket you purchased recently to ensure your hassle-free journey. Follow these steps if you want to change your ticket with air Arabia. These changes are free if a ticket is on hold. If a ticket is confirmed, then there is a cost to make changes to your ticket.

  • First, you have to provide the URL of the Air Arabia website
  • You have to click on manage my trips
  • Carefully click on modify, and after this, a new page appears
  • Provide your PNR and your last name, and then proceed with it
  • You have to then click on the ticket that you would want to make changes to
  • Change your name, and then carefully verify it and then proceed
  • If there is a fee you have to pay, and this changes your ticket with air Arabia

How to reschedule a flight ticket for Air Arabia

If you want to change your ticket, you must first click on this link: www.airarabia.com. Then, click on support, select a phone as per your country, call them, and ask them to reschedule your ticket with air Arabia.

What is the cost of making changes

If you want to change your ticket, there is a variable cost that you have to pay, which varies as per your destination and class of travel, so $75 to $400 is the cost of making changes to your ticket date.

How can I check my Air Arabia booking status

If you want to check your my Air Arabia status, then you need to follow the given steps below:

Step 1: Visit the official website

Step 2: You have to click on manage

Step 3: And after this, click on modify.

Step 4: Provide your PNR, last name and departure date to check the status.

Step 5: You can also take the printout of Air Arabia booking Status which is given in the site.

If you are a traveler and purchased a ticket, you can change your Air Arabia ticket name and date and check the status of your Air Arabia ticket using the process.

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