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Mimicking Life but Never Alive

A Case Against Artificial Intelligence (And for Natural Intelligence)

By Michael ThielmannPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
Natural Intelligence is severely underrated. 

I believe there is a reason that so much of science fiction warns us against the potential dangers of AI. What many sci-fi sagas do not tend to do is promote a healthier alternative to going down a techno-centric path.

I am a firm believer in balance and have nothing against technology as a general principle. However, it is at this crucial crossroads in our development where we as humanity are called to make a choice in terms of our priorities.

What is easy to forget is that everything to do with technology originates from Mother Nature. The very computer I am typing on now is some fantastic amalgamation of plastics, metals, and alloys that I won't pretend I understand. All I know is we have the Earth to thank for every piece of hardware now at our convenient disposal.

This is a roundabout way of saying that whatever we create in terms of artificial intelligence is only and ever a derivative of the natural intelligence all around us (and within us).

There are many people in Silicon Valley and other places who I liken to the modern day prophets of AI. They work day and night to attempt to create the ultimate idol; deus ex machine is a life goal for many rather than just a cool sci-fi concept.

Why is this considered to be so dangerous by so many? Why do many others see it as the only hope for humanity? Why do still others simply go along for the ride and enjoy the cool toys and gadgets made available to them along the way?

From my own life alone, I can easily see the detriment of technological advancement without concurrent evolution of our innate, natural intelligence.

For example, giving a child a "smart" phone at a young age can quickly become a substitute for genuine human interaction and meaningful relationships. Human love and true meaning cannot be faked or replicated by artificial intelligence, no matter what the technocrats may tell us.

The advent of sex robots and other forms of artificial sexual stimulation further incentivise the foregoing of human relationship in favor of artificial intelligence.

The basic problem is that humanity has lost touch with its natural state of intelligence and conscious connection to ourselves, each other, and the universe at large. Rather than acknowledge this and get back to our human roots, we are offered a tempting and ultimately very costly alternative.

The obvious question to ask is quite simple: "Does all this technology make me happy?" Think about it deeply for a moment.

Technology can provide us with stimulation, pleasure, information, and so on. True happiness on the other hand can only be found in the discovery of our authentic selves, independent of any external artifice.

The problem is with the rapid pace of life people are not even aware of how unhappy and dissatisfied they truly are; there is always a gadget close at hand to cover over any negative feelings with a new wave of artificial bliss.

We literally need to get back to nature. Spend time outdoors, turn off the screens for a while. Meditate and get in touch with your breathing.

I have spent years putting my life into balance after prolonged periods of technological obsession. Now I am honored to help friends and clients do the same.

If you want to explore ways of getting in touch with your own natural intelligence, I would be happy to speak with you. If technology can be used as a means of facilitating genuine human growth, the discovery of our potential and the cultivation of our relationships then it is serving us well.

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About the Creator

Michael Thielmann

I am an addiction and mental health counsellor living in Salmon Arm British Columbia. I love engaging with people about overcoming any challenges in their life and being vulnerable and open about my own process as well. <3

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