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Marpac Dohm's White Noise Machine Will Give You the Best Night's Sleep

In desperate need of a good night's sleep? Consider getting yourself the Marpac Dohm's white noise machine to sleep more comfortably every night.

By James LizowskiPublished 6 years ago 6 min read
Top Story - May 2018

When I had my first child, it was an absolute nightmare to put her to sleep. She was so sensitive to noises that she would immediately wake up from the sound of a pin dropping. What was worse was that we were living in a small apartment at the time and I couldn't tell if my neighbors were wild animals or humans! There were times when I actually had to hit the ceiling with a broom to shut them up. Even though I was desperate to move out, my husband and I still didn't have the money to get a house.

My husband and I were switching roles every night to care for our daughter and attempting to put her back to sleep. Then, I thought, there has to be something out there that would help my daughter sleep soundlessly. After researching, I came across Marpac Dohm's white noise machine. I'm familiar with the machine but the idea of using it for my daughter never crossed my mind. For a machine that has four and a half stars and 73 percent five-star customer reviews, I had to get it.

The first night I used the white noise sound machine for my daughter, she didn't get up once that night. I was so amazed, I cried right there. I cried because my daughter kept me up every night and I was exhausted—and because the machine is a miracle worker. Not to mention the sound machine allowed me to fully catch up on my sleeping! If you're looking for other reasons a noise sound machine would help you sleep better, these are the reasons you need Marpac Dohm's white noise machine for tonight.

The white noise sound machine isn't so loud that it will disturb your sleep, but is enough to conceal any surrounding noises. When I was living in an apartment two years back, my neighbors were so loud, not only did they keep my daughter up, but my husband and I, as well. It sounded like they were wrestling upstairs with the TV's volume blasting to the point where I knew what shows they were watching!

They were night owls, too, and this bothered my family because we tend to hit the bed around 10 to 10:30 PM. Ever since I bought Marpac Dohm's white noise machine, the machine completely blocked out all of the sounds they were making. It blocked their TV, their stomping, and their super annoying laughter. I

It includes a real fan that doesn't blast cold air.

Marpac Dohm's white noise machine doesn't include a fan that blows out cool air around the room like the majority of white noise sound machines. Those are definitely the worst they're providing us cool air that we don't want—especially during the winter when our rooms are already freezing.

Marpac Dohm's original sound machine features a real fan inside that offers a soothing sound without blasting cold air. When we're buying a white noise sound machine, we only want the noise... not the cold air blowing! Only Marpac Dohm's sound machine can grant us that.

It can quiet your thoughts.

At the end of a very stressful day, our minds can be rattled up with tons of thoughts filling our heads. Most of the time we can't soundlessly fall asleep because of the noises stuffing our minds. We'll think about an argument we had with our spouse, what's happening at work, and that asshole that cut us off on the road this morning. The more the thoughts keep coming in, the harder it'll be for us to sleep.

However, the white noise sound machine actually has the power to shut down our brains and help us focus on just sleep. All of the thoughts that are flowing through our minds can be cleared away with the great sound of white noise!

You can customize your own tone!

There are many white noise sound machines that don't give you the opportunity to customize the tone. There would only be one noise volume and that's it. You might think the sound was too low or loud, but can't adjust the tone. Depending on the size of your room, you want the sound to be fitting and not too overwhelming or little.

Marpac Dohm's white noise machine isn't like other machines and does give you the control to adjust and play with the volume! It gives two speeds which are flexible to set the volume needed for your environment and sound-making requirements. You can fix and find the tone that you find is most pleasing and can relax you. Pair it with the best apps to help you sleep better and you'll never complain about another bad night's sleep again.

The white noise sound machine keeps your baby sleeping longer.

If you have trouble putting your baby to sleep and keeping them asleep, like what I went through, then you need Marpac Dohm's white noise machine. Simply turning the machine on in your child's bedroom can lull them to sleep and keep them asleep.

Some of our kids are very, very light sleepers and can't get a full night's sleep. Since the sound machine blocks out all sorts of surrounding noises, your child can stay asleep for a longer period of time without jolting awake from a door closing. I know so many parents use this for their babies to stay asleep, and it has worked tremendously for my kids, too!

It can muffle out your partner's snoring.

Nothing is worse than your partner being a loud snorer. I personally know that my husband snores like a bear after a night with his friends drinking. During those times, he'd sleep on the living room couch so he doesn't wake me up—and I was very grateful. However, he doesn't have to sleep uncomfortably on the couch anymore when Marpac Dohm's white noise machine can muffle his snoring.

I shouldn't throw him under the bus because I snore, too, when I'm sick. Neither of us can stand each other's snoring and that's when the white noise sound machine comes into play and conceals both of our snoring when we're trying to sleep peacefully. Yes, even when my husband is snoring right in my ear, I can barely hear him because of the sound machine. It's pretty much a lifehack to make you sleep better!

You can easily take it with you when traveling.

Many of us hate traveling mainly because of jet lag or we can't sleep easily in unfamiliar environments. We'll constantly toss and turn, trying to find the most comfortable spot, but nothing is working. We'd also try to adjust to the different time zone and sleep when everyone else is, but we're still wide awake.

Not only is Marpac Dohm's white noise machine easy to travel with because of its ideal, small size, but it's certainly a necessity if you personally have trouble sleeping in diverse environments. The machine can calm you down with its soothing noise and help you sleep quicker even if you have jet lag. Places like Las Vegas will also have a lot of noise going on, and this will help you have have fun on your Las Vegas Trip.

It helps those with tinnitus sleep better.

Tinnitus is the perception of a noise or ringing in the ear and it's quite common. Many people suffer from this and it's not a condition itself, but a symptom of an underlying condition like an ear injury, hearing loss, and others. This problem can keep so many people dealing with this awake throughout the nights and find it troubling to sleep comfortably.

Believe it or not, the white noise machine can actually muffle out the ringing that occurs in your ears. When the noise softens the ringing, this can help you fall asleep faster and gain a well-rested sleep.

If you work night shifts, it can help you sleep when everyone is awake.

Lastly, for those who work during the nights, it can be a major pain trying to fall asleep even when you're exhausted. The sun is shining, there's action happening outside, and everyone is awake while you're trying to sleep.

Marpac Dohm's white noise machine can offer you the sleep that you've been looking forward to the second your shift ends! After you've completely closed out the sunlight with your blackout curtains, simply turn on the white noise sound machine to block all of the surrounding noises coming from within the house or outside. Now you get to sleep better every time you return from your night shift!

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