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Major Advantages of Using a Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution

Key benefits of multi tenant ip pbx solution

By rebeccaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

A multi tenant IP PBX software solution has been one of the most popular VoIP solutions. There are many versions of this VoIP software available. Out of all available options, the smart telephony platform offers the most advanced multi tenant IP PBX software.

There are many advantages of using this software in any business. I am going to share some of the major advantages of using this software. Any business, without any concern of its size or industry vertical, can gain several advantages by using this software.

Key benefits of using a multi tenant IP PBX software solution:

1. Access to advanced communication features

The traditional way of communication in any business is using landline phones or mobile phones. Both of them use traditional modes of communication. The traditional telecommunication system offers limited features. In case, if a business needs to add some enhanced communication features such as voicemail or an IVR (Interactive Voice Response), then it can be a way too expensive investment.

On the other hand, a multi tenant IP PBX software solution has an amazing range of communication features to offer and all of these features are inbuilt. Some of the major communication features offered in this software of a smart telephony platform are:

  • IVR
  • Voicemail
  • Automated call distribution
  • Holiday or time condition based call distribution
  • Conferencing
  • Call detail reports
  • And more

2. Excellent collaboration

The multi tenant IP PBX software also provides reliable collaboration features that anyone can count on. This software can be accessed remotely and this makes sure that the team members of a company that uses this software can collaborate as and when needed. This helps in increasing team productivity, too.

3. Centralized control over telecommunication system in a business

The multi tenant IP PBX software will have a main admin system and other tenant systems. The tenant systems can be different company branches of the same business, customers, or partners. The beauty of using this software is, all tenant accounts will be connected to the main admin account. Not only this, but the admin user can also control features and access to be granted to the tenant accounts.

5. Reduced expenses

The multi tenant IP PBX software solution is a VoIP solution. It means to conduct calls, it uses SIP based calling. The SIP calling is way cheaper compared to the traditional calling mechanisms. This is also true in the case of long distance, i.e., international calling. This can make sure that the expenses over telecommunication for a business can be reduced extremely low. Moreover, it is a software solution and usually can be accessed by a web browser. This further reduces the cost otherwise invested in setting up a hardware based telecommunication system. Overall, it can reduce expenses 10x times for a business compared to a traditional telecommunication system.


The multi tenant IP PBX software is developed to empower businesses and remove all major challenges the businesses usually face with the traditional telecommunication system. Therefore, there are many benefits that a business can gain by using this software. An IP PBX solution can benefit a startup company in multiple ways. ASTPP has various VoIP solutions to offer and the IP PBX software is one of the solutions available in this software. There are multiple benefits of using it in any scaled business. Contact us to know more about the IP PBX solution and ASTPP and how it can benefit your business.

About ASTPP: A smart telephony platform is a comprehensive and all-inclusive solution. It can be used to define a business model from scratch and then execute the complete business model to generate handsome revenues. The smart telephony platform has a major role in empowering thousands of businesses across the globe. Your business can be another successful business backed by this smart telephony platform.

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