Magento 1 End Of Life 2020: What Does This Mean For Retailers?

Magento 1 is ending in 2020 and there won’t be any support provided for it. As, Magento 1 is coming to an end, therefore, there is a lot that is being happening...

Magento 1 End Of Life 2020: What Does This Mean For Retailers?

Magento 1 is ending in 2020 and there won’t be any support provided for it. As Magento 1 is coming to an end, therefore, there is a lot that is happening in the world of eCommerce. Magento 1 was used extensively by a large number of online businesses. Though, there had been a lot of discussions that the company won’t be providing any support for Magento 1. And now, finally, the news is out. The company won’t be offering any support for Magento 1. In this article, we will discuss the impact of the end of Magento 1 on the eCommerce word and the retailers.

Magento 1 will not be available in 2020; however, some of the security patches will be accessible to the users until June 2020. The availability of the security patches will make sure the shop is safe. Also, the patches will safeguard the company from any possible attacks or threats. Some bit of support might be provided until mid-year, but eventually, the platform will be shut down. Along with the valuable security patches, some of the useful quality fixes that are aimed to boost the performance of the eCommerce store. Therefore, it is a perfect time to pull up your socks and prepare for the migration to the newer versions of Magento.

Retailers and business owners, here’re a few things to keep in mind while migrating from Magento 1 to the latest version of Magento:

Be prepared for the end of the old and the initiation of the new

The first thing is to expect the end of Magento 1. Finally, the platform is coming to an end. Though, there have been some discussions and rumors stating the end of the platform. However, it is now that finally, the company is shutting down the old version completely. There won’t be any support provided for Magento 1. Only when you will accept the end of Magento 1, then only they will be able to prepare for the acceptance of the new version. The end of Magento 1 may leave some merchants or the business owners disappointed. But, it is the time to quickly think about the migration to the new version of Magento.

Get ready to migrate to Magento 2

Now, that you know you are left with no option than to go for Magento 2, therefore, the developers and Magento Web Development Services India providers should be prepared to move to the new platform. The retailers and the business owners would have to carefully strategize the migration as the migration of the platform will contain plenty of steps, including data migration. Thus, the business owners, as well as the retailers, will have to plan the migration. Also, you would require intelligent and talented staff as well as high-end to plan for the migration. However, the most important step is to make sure that you plan your journey. You would have to work in phases to make sure that everything is managed properly.

The businesses should focus on migrating to the new version of Magento, as, there is no doubt about the fact that the new version is much more efficient and powerful. Also, Magento 2 has tons of added features and thus it offers a lot of benefits to the businesses.

Here’re a few of the top advantages of Migrating Magento 1:

Boosts the performance of the Magento store

Magento 2 is the latest version of the platform; therefore, it contains tons of outstanding features. And, a host of the new features will be used to improve the performance of the eCommerce store. The site works at superb speed. The page load time is much higher than expected, it is believed that the pages open up in almost 1.5 seconds. The high speed of the website is because the new edition of Magento ignores the use of front-end caching.

Additionally, the eCommerce platform that is made through the latest version of Magento is easier to scale. The retailers will be able to scale up the site or the business quickly and without any hassle. Therefore, the business owners shouldn’t hesitate to adopt the latest version of Magento as it promises better performance and ease of scalability as well.

A much-advanced checkout experience

Magento 2 is known for a lot of reasons and one of them is the superb checkout experience. The checkout experience that is offered by the latest version of Magento is exceptional. The business owners and the retailers love the new checkout experience as it enriches the quality of the overall shopping site. Additionally, the navigation to and from the checkout option is flawless. Also, the button is designed engagingly. The checkout option is not only intuitive but also quite easy to operate. Magento 2 offers a completely flawless registration experience, especially during the checkout experience. As the checkout process is quite important, therefore, it has to be special.

The latest dashboard as well as admin experience

Magento 2 offers a seamless experience to the visitors. The visitors get a very convenient and smooth experience for the users. Starting from the admin navigation to the checkout experience, everything is just seamless. The site is developed to make sure that the visitors find it easier to navigate through the site. Also, the dashboard is pretty engaging and it makes it easy for the users to monitor and report.

Magento 2 has a lot of interesting and valuable extensions that make the site a superb platform for the business. Therefore, the business owners, as well as the retailers or the merchants, get to boost the experience of the site by adding several new extensions and features. Therefore, you shouldn’t be disappointed by the end of Magento 1 rather you should be excited about the migration to the new version, Magento 2.

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