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Keep Your Home Protected with the Ooma Butterfleye

Forget traditional alarm systems; the Ooma Butterfleye keeps you safer without the high price.

By Cato ConroyPublished 4 years ago 6 min read

Back when I lived in a dangerous neighborhood, the fear I had of break-ins was very, very real. I lived alone in my apartment, and it was the type of neighborhood that most people avoided in the daytime—let alone at night.

My apartment was situated inside a warehouse, next to a car dealership, a burnt out building, and a highway, in the heart of a place that had just about twice the national crime rate. I lived in constant fear of having intruders break into my car or follow me into my house.

At one point, my neighbors were robbed, and that was the final straw for me. I decided that if I couldn't find a home security system, I was going to leave my house.

So, I went on the hunt.

The moment that I started looking for a security system, problems arose.

Like most people who set out to look for something to buy, I turned to the one place that I knew would help me: the internet. Shockingly enough, the net quickly revealed a major problem with most home security sets.

Every single site I found showed me that getting your home safe and secure had one major caveat: hidden expenses that would drain your bank account.

"DIY" setups involving cameras often required the help of professional installers or electricians to get the job done, and in many cases, wouldn't do much aside from just retaining evidence of the crime on tape.

People who had bought burglary alarm systems that were advertised on daytime TV, on the other hand, had other fees they had to tackle. Many of those security systems came with mandatory monthly fees if you simply wanted them to work.

Frankly, I didn't want to feel coerced into having to pay other people to keep my home safe. I eventually ended up moving and found a better apartment in a safer neighborhood.

When I moved, I realized that I was foolish for thinking that just switching neighborhoods was going to solve the problem.

Thanks to a better job offer, I was able to find myself a bigger place in a nicer neighborhood. Though I went through with my decision to move, the worry about getting robbed still stood with me.

My neighbor's robbery shook me, and made me realize crime can happen anywhere. I knew that it was a good idea to have a home security system in place, even though it was a safer area. My next home was not in as bad a neighborhood, but it still wasn't ideal. There were still occasional reports of robberies being committed in the area.

I decided I still needed a home security system, and I immediately started to keep an eye out for one that involved fewer fees and lots of benefits. That being said, it wasn't the net or a publication that helped me find the system I wanted.

Ooma is a home security system that is pretty much meant for people who are out and about as often as I am.

Worried about being left unaware of an intruder unless you're home? Don't be. Everything related to Ooma's home security features can be accessed via mobile device; and because of that, the fact that I don't have to be home in order to check on things at home is a massive relief.

It isn't the number of goods and amenities that made the Ooma Home Security System amazing, though. It was the fact that it was easy enough for a novice to install, and that it didn't have a mandatory subscription associated with it.

The basic kit came with all these sensors and warning systems, plus one very awesome camera that caught my eye.

The Ooma Butterfleye is the system's showstopper, if you ask me.

Most home security cameras come with a plethora of wiring, and most people can't really tell when they've being tampered with. The Ooma Butterfleye camera, which comes with their own home security kits, is totally different in this regard.

Along with being wireless and easy to install, the Butterfleye is capable of telling you when your system is being tampered with. Since it's a smart home security camera, it also will alert your phone if something fishy is going on.

This camera has a huge amount of smart technology associated with it. It even comes with facial recognition, instant video capture, and offers up two-way audio so that you can speak to people before they enter your home. Or try to, anyway.

I was impressed, which led me to order the system. It seemed like the best bang for my buck. How right I was shocked me.

I only found out Ooma's full functionality after I ordered it.

Having already done my research, I just assumed that the Ooma would come with door and window sensors, a camera, and a low setup cost. What I didn't realize was that there were tons of amenities that were just waiting to be discovered when the package arrived.

The Ooma arrived in a nice, neat package, complete with installation instructions. Before I set it up, I took my time to read through the manual to find out all the little details.

As it ends up, basic protection is free from month to month, but if you want to unlock even more features, you'll have to pay a monthly subscription of $4.99. They also have the option of letting you install extra cameras if you want, so it's a system that can grow with your needs.

Honestly, the $4.99 subscription isn't a bad deal. The extras that you pay for include remote 911 dialing, multiple app users, text message alerts, and multiple security mode switch options.

Most home security companies don't give you that much service, and those that do will ask you to pay way more. I ended up getting the premium subscription, simply because it was so affordable.

Installation was a cinch.

I'm no Bob Villa, but I definitely felt like a pro after installing the system in a couple of minutes. Everything was secured perfectly in place, and I was able to access all the information that the security system had through my phone.

Within 20 minutes, I was able to go from unprotected to fully secured at home. It's a pretty amazing thing, and using my app has become a great way to help me feel safer.

After several carefree months, the Ooma actually did save me.

I already felt so much peace of mind now that I had my own security system and lived in a safer place. For months, I was able to check up on my home, see everything looking good, and even prepare my house before I got home.

Then, one day, I got a text message saying that someone was trying to enter my home. I remotely called 911. Judging from what we saw in the Butterfleye, a local teenager had decided to try to break into my house. The police caught him before I got home.

Had the thief actually managed to go inside unannounced, he would have been able to steal my computers and my work equipment—and that would have devastated my ability to make ends meet.

After seeing Ooma's Butterfleye in action, I'm a lifelong customer. It's the best thing that's ever happened to my peace of mind, and remains the reliable house sitter I always needed.


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