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Is Voice Over Internet Protocol Secure Enough

by Stephan James 2 years ago in product review
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Voice Over Internet Protocol

Internet telephony can be risky. You cannot control the number of carriers and how packets are routed. Voice in the data lines is as secure as other applications in the IP infrastructure. Still, it offers better security than traditional telephony. However, being better than traditional telephony does not mean that it offers complete security. There are a few vulnerabilities linked with VoIP in Canada and these vulnerabilities are being addressed. VoIP is growing.

Rise of VoIP

The major organizations are considering VoIP. However, using IP for voice transmission is not a new idea. The technology using frame relay and other advanced packet services for voice transmission is several years old. This has been a cost-effective technology for international calls. VoIP has completely re-engineered voice infrastructure. This makes VoIP an ideal choice for converged messaging, interactive multimedia collaboration and call centers.

Voice Over Ethernet

If you are considering VoIP in Canada for your organization, your concern that an Ethernet backbone will carry out your VoIP WAN or LAN traffic is wrong. Broadcast will not be over the entire network.

Voice Over the Internet

If you are considering VoIP over corporate intranets, a security breach may occur within. What if you let VoIP out into the world? Connecting to the outside world is essential to connect with your suppliers and partners. The use of IP addresses is not as centralized and controlled as traditional telephone numbers. Therefore, there is a risk of network compromises bringing down your call processing capabilities.

When you are using the internet to conduct business, your data and/or voice are transmitted over people's networks. Some of these networks are more secure and some are less secure. You can choose a local internet service provider. However, your internet traffic goes through several internet service providers, which can change.

If you want to make the safest use of VoIP, limit it to internal use. However, when it offers potential cost savings and efficiencies, you want to use it for outside communication as well. You might have already ensured data protection if you are sending and receiving sensitive information over the internet. When it comes to voice, there are security solutions available for this.

If you are considering VoIP services in Canada, you have to be aware of critical steps and security solutions for VoIP in Canada. VoIP security solutions use encryption algorithms to convert a meaningful conversation into codes that are extremely difficult to understand. At the receiver’s end, these codes are decrypted and converted into the original message.

You should partner with your VoIP provider to secure your communication system. However, you can implement the following tactics locally on your network setup:

  • Add clustered firewalls.
  • Configure the router for VoIP.
  • Make sure that your router supports SIP protocols.
  • Implement penetration testing.
  • Conduct load analysis.
  • Analyze traffic.
  • Monitor and analyze call behavior.
  • Set a credit limit to limit misuse or abuse.
  • Choose your call routes.
  • Select your Geo profile to allow or block geographic connections.
  • Establish VPN connections

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