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Is it the end of a beginning or the beginning of an end?

Decoding the Interplay of Beginnings and Endings

By Bhawarth S. SaraswatPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Have you ever paused to think about it? Every conclusion marks the commencement of something new. Is it the termination of a commencement or the commencement of a conclusion?

Picture a dull Monday, bathed in the mellow rays of the lazy sun. There I was, submerging my cookies into a warm glass of milk. As my mind idled away, a cascade of whimsical and trivial questions took over. Yet, one question stood out: Was this the end of crunchy cookies or the beginning of their soggy fate?

No clear answer surfaced, even after consulting the vast realms of the internet. Frustrated, I turned to luck and posed the same question to my girlfriend. The look she gave me suggested I might be her worst mistake, but love prevailed as she finally responded. The end of crunchy cookies and the start of their sogginess occur simultaneously—two events intertwined. Thus, the end of one beginning heralds the beginning of another end.

Let me simplify that for you: Ever heard of the saying "every action has a consequence"? Well, that pretty much sums it up. Each action you take has a commencement and a conclusion; the commencement could mark the conclusion of a prior action, and the conclusion could signify the commencement of consequences. Consider the straightforward act of opening a refrigerator door. Walking to the fridge is the commencement, and opening the door is the conclusion, leading to the commencement of feeling the outcoming cold waves. Therefore, every commencement is a conclusion, and every conclusion is a commencement.

Now, does this blog offer anything valuable for you to take away? Surprisingly, yes!

Even small actions have consequences. The key takeaway here is that everything you initiate eventually concludes, paving the way for new beginnings. So, ensure that what you start brings about not just an end but a happy one, leading to fruitful new beginnings.

Story time!!

In a tiny village called Happyville, surrounded by green hills and peaceful fields, there stood an old banyan tree with twisted branches that seemed to touch the magic of time. People in the village believed this tree was like a watchman of a special door—one that marked the end of a start and the start of an end.

They said if you went to the tree when the sun was saying goodbye and the sky turned orange and purple, something mysterious would happen. The air around you would sparkle, and a soft song would play, like the tree telling secrets about time and destiny.

One evening, a curious girl named Anaya, who loved exploring, decided to find out what secrets the old banyan held. With just a lantern and a heart full of curiosity, she walked to the tree when the first stars twinkled in the sky.

Standing under the old banyan, a gentle wind whispered through its leaves, bringing a magical feeling. Anaya felt a tingle on her skin, and the world around her became a bit fuzzy. It was like the line between what she knew and what she didn't know got blurry.

A soft light appeared on the tree's bark, showing a door to a place not seen by regular eyes. Anaya, a bit scared but excited, went through the door and found herself in a strange space where past, present, and future were all mixed up.

In this magical space, Anaya saw parts of her life—moments when something ended and something new started. It was like a beautiful cloth made of choices, risks, and the dance between saying bye and saying hello.

As the morning came, Anaya found herself back under the old banyan. The special door had closed. The secrets of the tree made her understand that life is like a big circle, with things ending and starting again.

Happyville stayed filled with magic, and the old banyan kept watching over the balance between the end of beginnings and the beginning of ends, just like a wise friend from a fairy tale.

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Bhawarth S. Saraswat

I'm an avid bibliophile and aspiring writer who finds joy in reading and writing on diverse topics. passion for sharing knowledge, my dreams of inspiring others through the power of words on a literary journey of creativity and exploration!

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    That was a wonderful story indeed. I enjoyed it!

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