Introduction to Printed Circuit Boards and Applications of PCB's

PCB Applications

Introduction to Printed Circuit Boards and Applications of PCB's

Printed circuit boards (PCB) are bases laminated with copper-clad laminates that are used in the manufacturing of most electronics. PCB's are mostly made of fiberglass that is used as prepreg or reinforcing material, resins, and other composite material. Copper clad laminates or aluminum copper clad laminate is the main component used for the manufacturing of PCB. Contact professional and reliable Copper Clad Laminate Suppliers from India.

Application of printed circuit boards:

With the development in technology, electrical appliances are getting modified and the use of printed circuits boards is increasing. PCB's are the bases used in the manufacturing of almost every electrical appliance. Printed circuit boards can be used for different applications depending upon the capabilities of PCB and the nature of the electrical appliances.

Here are some applications of PCB's in the field of consumer electronics, industries and medical devices.

Use of printed circuit boards in consumer electronics:

PCB's are widely used in consumer electronics. With the advancement in technology, electronic devices became the essentials in daily life. Either you are using a computer, a mobile, a microwave, or even a coffee maker; most of these devices have fitted with printed circuit boards in them. PCB's applications in this field are very extensive.

- In communication field PCB’s are used in smartphones, tablets, smart watches and radios as foundation.

- In the field of computer industry PCB’s are used in laptops, desktops, and satellite navigation as the base.

- In the field of entertainment appliances PCB’s are used as fundamental for television, DVD players and in gaming devices.

- In home appliances, almost every product has their base as printed circuit boards. Home appliances with PCB include refrigerator, microwave, digital clock and a lot more.

Use of PCB in Industries:

Application of PCB’s in industries are vast, especially manufacturing and production appliances have their base of printed circuit board. In industry PCB’s are not only useful for day to day processes but are very helpful in the automation of different processes and reduce the chances of human errors. Use of PCB’s in industry includes.

- Use in industrial equipment’s in presses assembly machines and ramps

- Use in power equipment’s in power inverters, supplies and other devices that control the flow of power.

- Use in measuring equipment’s to control pressure, temperature and other variables

PCB’s used in industries are mostly manufactured from aluminum copper clad laminates due to their high heat stability and long shelf life. DK Enterprise is the world’s leading Aluminum Copper Clad Laminate Suppliers Company with the mission of providing top quality products and services.

Use in Medical appliances:

Printed circuit boards also play a very important role in the manufacturing of different medical devices. The use of PCB’s in medical sector is growing with each passing day. Here are some uses of PCB’s in medical sector

In scanning equipment’s they are used in CT scanners, X-ray screens and many other devices used for ultra sound.

In monitors they are used in blood pressure meter, heart rate meter and glucose meter

In Medical appliances they are used in electronic control systems, microscopes, compressors and many other devices.

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