I know what Jeff Bezos and Amazons next big play is - even though they don't know it yet.

Pitching to the worlds richest man on a no brainer product that I LOVE and should be a part of everyones life ASAP.

We're about to give our cars a much needed and EXTREMELY overdue upgrade to the driving experience.

Amazon just announced a slew of new products to further engrain their AI, Alexa, into our lives - including an indoor mini drone that flies around your house and products for our cars.

As soon as I saw their new offerings for our cars, my brain literally EXPLODED... here's why:

For over a year now, although I've spent hours on the road, I've probably only had to drive my car %15 percent of the time due to the advanced driver assist features that enable high quality autonomy to handle things like gas, breaking and steering within the lanes on the road.

I know what you're thinking.. "cool so you have a Tesla.. and?" That's where you're WRONG! Last year I bought a 2019 Toyota RAV4 LE, the base model. It comes standard with Toyota Safety sense, which is one of the better advanced driving systems offered by the popular car manufacturers (EXCLUDING TESLA, Their stock system blows all other stock systems out of the water)...

However! I have yet ANOTHER twist.. and here is where we are going to see some incredible things happen and give another boost to the driverless car world/economy that is inevitably before us, which until now has been heavily pioneered by Elon Musk and the amazing things he's done with Tesla..

The funny thing is a few years ago, this young super genius, George Hotz, the original "GeoHot" who brought us the first Jailbreaks for iPhone and rubbed shoulders with Sony after offering similar hacks for the Playstation 3 -- had a conversation with Elon Musk where Elon offered him a deal to improve Teslas autopilot.

If Georges history is any indicator, it appears he loves to use his brains to defy these seemingly herculean corporations by spinning circles around the systems that some of the brightest engineers in the world have built in colaboration with teams and billions of dollars..

Believe it or not - after the conversation with Elon, George claimed he could create a better system faster, cheaper, more efficient etc... it still blows my mind when I explain it to people but after some studying on car parts, the software that runs them and how they all connect -- he formed a company called comma.ai, built custom OPEN SOURCE hardware that connects to over 80 vehicles from practically every major car manufacturer (Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Kida, etc.)

At the heart 0f his open source hardware and software is a "hacked" Android phone, with some 3d printed parts like a fan to keep it cool -- while its mounted on your windsheild and uses the phone camera, and whatever systems that the car already has like radar, LKAS, ACC -- to drive your vehicle with similar quality and experience as Teslas Autopilot...

Now we all know that these billionaires love competing with each other, which is healthy as it fuels innovation and brings costs down for consumers as the technology improves and they each compete for more of the market share in whatever industry they're focused on (that year :D).

Jeff and Elon specifically are constantly taking light hearted jabs at each other with their Rocket companies for example. Now seeing that Jeff is releasing smart devices for our cars... including a dash cam.. it's practically a NO BRAINER for Amazon to purchase Comma.AI and integrate their AI with the Amazon eco system. This is going to disrupt the car industry and generate explosions through the industry as now all car manufacturers will partner with Amazon to integrate the Comma AI experience in ALL cars from now on.

Amazon has the opportunity to do what Google did with Android and dominate the Smart Car operating system share by purchasing Comma and partnering with all the car manufactures.

In fact George compared the current state of car software/experience to phones in 2007.. all of the car manufacturers are attempting their own systems... but its a mess.. there is no universal experience between cars even within their own brand and models sometimes, and nobody has the massive data and machine learning models that Tesla and Comma have which enable such a rich experience when trusting their systems.

Again this is a NO BRAINER for Amazon - in fact the more I think about it, the more value I see them able to gain from a Comma acquisition, which I would advise they do ASAP and offer at LEAST 10 Billion for the purchase.

Now I just have to get Amazon and Jeffs attention! :D Here we go.

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