HT 838 Deluxe Steam Mop Review (Part 2)

This is “Part 2”of the two part series of HT 838 Deluxe Steam Mop Review.

HT 838 Deluxe Steam Mop Review (Part 2)

One reviewer started their review by saying that this was not the first steam mop they have owned. They said their other steam mop was the same, but being over five years old, it was time to get a new one due to the fact that they have cats and dogs.

They went on to say that they couldn’t be without the HT 838 Steam Mop Deluxe, as it cleans well and is extremely easy to use.

Another customer started off saying that after purchasing this steam mop online, it arrived very fast, and once out of the box, they found it super easy to assemble.

They went on to say that they began to use it after taking it out of the box and started in their kitchen where they have vinyl floors. They were pleased to see that it didn’t flood, and that their kitchen was cleaned very nicely with the steamer.

They went on to use it on plain carpets, and stated that it did an exceptional job. They say the carpet came out really clean, and they went on to do more carpeted rooms after that, which were all successful.

They also noted that after cleaning the carpets, they dried pretty quickly afterward.

Another individual who reviewed the HT 838 Steam Mop Deluxe said in their review that they are extremely pleased with their purchase.

This individual was a gentleman, and he stated that he was doing the cleaning since his wife was in the hospital. He went on to say that he has become a good housekeeper, and even his wife believes this is true. They both love that the steam mop is easy to use, as it is fast and very efficient.

They do caution however that you should use some distilled water in it if you don’t have a water softener.

The alternative solution to soften the water is to filter the water using good quality water purifier like Aquaguard Smart Plus. If you use borewell water at your home then here is the list of best water filters for borewell water.

Another reviewer started their review by saying how pleased they were with their purchase.

They say that, initially, they were afraid to purchase the steam mop, but after all they are glad that they did make the purchase. He said that it didn’t do a super excellent job as they said it would on the TV commercial, but it does do a great job.

He went on to say that the floor dries up pretty quickly too, which is a plus. He finished their review by saying that they wouldn’t want to be without the HT 838 Steam Mop Deluxe.

Another customer started their review with the word excellent being used to describe the steam mop. They state that it is amazing just how much dirt the mop is able to get out.

The only thing they would have changed about the mop is the length of the cord. They say it could be a bit longer, but apart from that, and the fact that the water container could be a bit bigger, it was an overall excellent purchase.

Another customer went on about how easy it was to use the mop, due to its lightweight design. They also love the results that they get when they use the product. They say it works well on tile, wood floor, and on light carpets, and is especially useful if you have pets around.


The HT 838 Steam Mop Deluxe is very lightweight and easy to use, which is one of its best assets. It is also capable of getting to really high temperatures to make cleaning extremely hygienic and environmentally friendly.


Most reviewers found one problem with the device; that the cord was too short, but they all agreed that this didn’t interfere with it doing a great job cleaning.


If you are looking for a really good steam mop that is lightweight, efficient, and that doesn’t require you to use disposable cloths or any cleaners the HT 838 Steam Mop Deluxe could be ideal for you.

Its reviews definitely support that it is a good buy, and with a one year warranty, you really have no need to worry about whether you make the right purchase decision.

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