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How You Can Use Pirate Ship To Save On Your Shipping Costs

by Jessica Bugg 11 months ago in how to
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A Cost Saving Strategy For Shipping

How You Can Use Pirate Ship To Save On Your Shipping Costs
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I have a lot of friends who have ventured into business for themselves. Some are doing online work, others have gone into ecommerce either by reselling or going the private label brand development route.

The Two Camps Of Online Sellers


Reselling is the cool stuff you see on Youtube ala Hairy Tornado (side note: who is one of my all time favorite Youtubers).

Where people go to thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets to find underpriced treasures that they then flip for more money on either eBay, Amazon, or Facebook marketplace.

Hell one of my neighbors has a yard sale every month from the stuff he finds.

Private Label

The private label route sounds hard. But it isn't. You literally just go to a direct manufacturer and say what kind of product you want to make.

My boy Zach can have anything from your own line of perfume made to a cleaning product. My private label friends then sell wholesale to stores. They also most times sell on Amazon.

One Problem Remains The Same

Both routes are very popular but one cost that is a HUGE pain in the ass for them is shipping.

Calculating shipping, fucking with the post office, and most resellers especially will tell you that they lost money in the beginning mainly because of shipping costs that were either undercalculated or not budgeted for at all.

Enter Pirate Ship which is one of the most badass names for a company in my opinion. (Link will be posted down below).

What Is Pirate Ship?

Pirate Ship is a third party shipping platform. Pirate Ship operates independently from any platform meaning it can be used whether you are selling direct, selling on Ebay or Amazon, or just sending a friend a package.

How To Start A Pirate Ship Account

It is completely free to start an account on pirate ship. There are no monthly memberships or hidden fees. Again it is completely free.

You just go to their website, which I will attach a link below, and you set up your account. Boom, you can send packages anywhere with honestly the lowest rates I have seen available.

How Does Pirate Ship Get Away With Charging Such Cheap Prices?

Pirate Ship uses a service which is referred to as Cubic Rate Shipping. Cubic Rate Shipping is a discounted shipping service for items that are small but heavy (up to 20 pounds).

Also, it is noteworthy that Pirate Ship can be linked directly to your Ebay account so you don't have to manually input tracking numbers.

How To Ship With Pirate Ship

You can ship with a regular box. You just can't have a box larger than 5 cubic feet.

How Do I Calculate Cubic Feet?

You take the length multiplied by the width, multiplied by the height of the box and if that number is under 864 you are good to go.

Again the calculation for cubic feet is:

Length x Width x Height

How Do You Determine The Cost Of Shipping?

Pirate Ship has different shipping tiers. You input the length, width, and height of your box to give you the tier. Tier 1 is the least expensive and Tier 5 is the most expensive.

What Boxes Can I Use To Pack My Order?

Any box including USPS boxes as long as they do not say "Flat Rate" or "Regional Rate". You can go to USPS.com and even get free boxes. You need to do that.

PolyBag OR Box In Bag Shipping Method

This is the other shipping method that Pirate Ship will allow. This is a cost saving method. The largest polybag you can use is an 18 x 18 bag.

You need to use the measurement of the bag and not the measurement of the item inside the bag.

Examples Of Items Best Shipped With Pirate Ship

Note Pirate Ship is used mainly to save money on shipping heavier items up to 20 pounds. Although I have friends who have said they have saved money with Pirate Ship on lighter items.

Anything that will fit in a shoe box style box.



Small Parts


Paper Weights


Final Thoughts

Pirate Ship is a great way to save money shipping those heavier, smaller items that can bust your profit line when selling on eBay, Amazon, or other ecommerce site.

You can set up your account by going to the link below:


Thanks and I hope this helps you save money and make more money.

Additional Reading/Watching:

One of my all time favorite YouTubers is a guy named Josh from South Carolina who goes by the name Hairy Tornado. This guy is a wealth of information for anyone trying to start an at home business. Plus he seems super nice.

I have linked his channel below. :)

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