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How To Use Twitter As A Creative

by Agnes Laurens 2 months ago in social media

Is Twitter a good social media platform to use for your creative business?

How To Use Twitter As A Creative
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These days, there are so many social media platforms that I can't see the trees through the woods anymore.

Twitter is one of those social media platforms that his own way on how to use. It is not like Instagram or Facebook. It is something you use as seeing comments, short stories, or anything short written. I like that. It is like a short note or a short

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social platform like any other. Twitter is one to text your thoughts in 140 characters. You can share your stories, photo’s, gif’s, and any other thing social media has to offer.

Sharing your stories can be good for your stats, but mostly your story could be valuable for your readers. Also, Twitter has those functions to use

Features of Twitter

Like every social media, Twitter also has features to use. To me, it is a simple social media to use, not really complicated.

Tweet of 140 characters

The main feature is to place your thought into a post of 140 characters. It is called a Tweet. You can post anything you like.

Add another Tweet

When you wrote your main Tweet, you can add another Tweet to make a whole conversation with another 140 characters.

Hashtags in Tweets

In every Tweet, you can use hashtags just like any other social media. Use the right hashtag to keep up your conversation, or build an audience.

Photo’s, video’s, and GIF’s

You can add a photo, video, or GIF’s to your Tweet to make it fun, or share anything you love that is visual.


Another great feature is the Poll feature. You can add up to four options. Just see what your audience like you to share, or if you don’t know what to do, add those options you think are valuable.


One of those features is sharing your location to get new audiences all over the globe. This is important when you have a business.

Record your post

The new feature is to record your post to share your thoughts or share the business. It is easier than typing all the text.


One of the newest features is to Fleet your Tweet, your photo, GIF, or video, tag your friends, or anything like that, and use the hashtags. This is the same as a story on Instagram or Facebook.

Like a Tweet

What is important to build an audience, is to like a Tweet that is important to what you love, or that matters to you.


A retweet is when you want to Tweet the same as you wrote earlier, or simply someone else's tweet, as this might be important to you, or your audience.

Reply function

The reply function is when you want to engage in your audience, or simply your input in someone else’s tweet could be valuable.

How To Use Twitter As A Creative

As a creative, Twitter could be useful to share your work. This is good to show your fans that you are visible online and offline. How do you use Twitter as a creative? Here are some tips on how you could use Twitter to promote your work.


When you’re a musician, you simply could tell your audience the next concerts, promote your album or other things that matter to your business.

Sharing your work

Sharing your work is the best thing to reach your audience these days. Your audience is on social media much more.

Using hashtags

When you post, use hashtags that are relevant to your message. When you promote your article, for example, use the title of your article as a hashtag, and the words that you use in your article.

Participate in conversations using hashtags

If you want to be popular on Twitter, or just promote your articles or other creative product and services, one important thing is to go to hashtags you used in your post and participate in conversations to get your name out there.

Sharing important business products multiple times

When you have a creative business, you should share your articles, services, and products often to get your business out there. Only the best way is to participate in conversations and use sentences like “Oh, you’re looking for tips on how to use Twitter? Maybe this article helps you.”, and share the link with that article you wrote about Twitter.

Are you a musician? Share your album with the hashtag #youralbumname. Share every day, but a different location or shop where to buy the album.

Have an online shop? Share products that are relevant to the conversation you have with the hashtag you use for your business.

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Agnes Laurens
Agnes Laurens
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