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How To Turn Traffic Increases Into Revenue With SEO Services?

by Jessica Faye 3 months ago in how to
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The SEO services support you in an effective marketing strategy.

A good SEO strategy is an adapted and evolving strategy. Indeed, it is good to ask yourself at what stage of digital maturity your site is. To do this, an SEO services company will ask you the following questions (and this is what the SEO services companies can give you following a complete AUDIT):

• Do I not exist on the Internet (no site / no social networks)?

• Do I exist on the Internet but cannot be found? (no referencing): my site is not displayed in search engine results.

• Do Internet users find me, but few of them click on the links to my site? Or the performance indicators for visits are wrong because it is not my target or my site has technical flaws.

• Do Internet users find me, and is the traffic on my site good Quality? But I do not convert visitors into customers.

• Do Internet users find me, the traffic on my site is of good Quality? And I transform visitors into customers. It only remains for me to retain them and make my loyal customer's influencers of our brand.

The referencing of an e-commerce site is essential to have visibility, more traffic, and increase your conversion rate. An SEO-optimized online website appears in the first Google search results, and readers find it more easily. An SEO services company will teach you the techniques and SEO tips to position your products well and optimize your natural referencing are the main essential tools for your website.

Relevant keywords to gain a competitive advantage over your e-commerce competitors

1. Target the keywords your customers are looking for

Keywords are the basis of the natural referencing of an e-commerce site. Without them, no visits and, therefore, no sales. Keywords help provide helpful information about your products and services online, both to Google and to your customers. The keywords you need to work on are the search terms that translate the intention of your potential customers, that is, the SEO queries most frequently used by Internet users in your sector of activity.

2. Don't target just one keyword

The more products or content you have online, the more possible expressions you have entered by Internet users in search engines. So remember to use as many long-tail keywords as possible and position yourself on several user queries to increase your chances of being well referenced.

3. Spy on your competitors' sites

Analyzing the traffic of competing websites is an excellent way to improve your e-commerce SEO. You must seek to know what your competitors do best on their merchant site to exploit it to the advantage of your positioning and your SEO services and strategy.

4. Equip yourself with a good targeting and monitoring tool

The Google AdWords Keyword Planner is practical for finding relevant keywords in bulk, but to better target your SEO actions, you will need a more precise tool.

Several solutions that offer SEO packs from an SEO services company are practical for your SEO techniques . Let's take Moz, for example, which notably allows you to detect your best-positioned competitors based on a semantic approach to your site and to explore their SEO strategy. With this tool, you get an accurate tailor-made SEO audit and a list of priority keywords to gain traffic.

What is SEO?

In some simple words, SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It is the set of techniques allowing your website to be placed as high as possible (without paying) in the results displayed by search engines. These are simple techniques that optimize the content of your website so that it is naturally referenced as high as possible by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Qwant, and Ecosia. According to Wikipedia, the Web appeared in 1989 by Tim Berner Lee, and you had to know the exact URL link of the page you wanted to consult to access it. Then search engines appeared in the mid-1990s and indexed (thanks to servers called "Robots" or "Spider" and algorithms) content. It allows us today to easily access lists of web pages by typing a keyword, an expression, or, more recently, by asking a question. Natural referencing revolves around three pillars which are:

Technical SEO:

It is all the technical optimizations carried out at the level of the structure of your site. It includes, among other things:

• The loading speed of your site and its contents

• The responsive design format of your site

• The security level of your site (https + valid SSL certificate)

• The absence of broken links and 404 error pages

• The content architecture and level of depth of your site

• The UX of your site and its ability to retain visitors for a long time

• Optimizing the structure of your URLs

• The presence and integration of a sitemap.xml file

• The company of a breadcrumb in your articles

• The marking of "canonical" URLs and the absence of duplicate content

• The presence of "meta" tags in pages and articles and ALT attributes for photos

• Indexing or de-indexing certain content (via the access or robot.txt file)

• The construction of structured data in the article or product pages.

On-page SEO: We are talking here about the heart of SEO, which will make your natural referencing optimized: the content! SEO rhymes with Quality. Above all else, what will make your position in Google is the added value that your content will bring to Internet users. To do this, your pages and articles must:

• Have a short URL

• Have a long, clickable "Meta Title" that accurately reflects the topic of the page

• Include a Meta description containing your keyword phrase

• Contain your target keywords and phrases

• Completely cover the subject matter

• Have an introductory paragraph responding to the problem

• Have a title that speaks precisely to the subject of the article

• Belong (minimum 600 words for a page and 1500 words for an article)

• Be easy to read and well-structured thanks to titles and tags (h1 for the title, h2 for the subtitles, etc.)

• Be easy to comment and share

• Contain photos, videos, or infographics

• Cite your sources and refer to qualitative content

• Make "smart" links to other articles on your site

Why use SEO services?

SEO services will allow you to generate long-term and recurring traffic on your website. Unlike all other marketing techniques, the work done in SEO will pay off over time. Indeed, if one of your content is positioned at the top of search engine results, it will be there for a long time and will create visibility for you without making any effort. An SEO services company will therefore bring you recurring business.

What is an SEO Writer?

An SEO writer is a writing and SEO professional who will write SEO-optimized content (articles or pages) to integrate into websites. This person should be an expert or a specialist in the field or fields in which he will write, and he must also master web writing techniques and a solid foundation in on-page SEO services.

What are the best SEO services company tools?

Whether you decide to optimize your SEO yourself or hire a SEO services company, using SEO tracking software is necessary. First of all, the Google tools that are essential:

• Analytics

• Search Console

• Google Trend

• Keyword planner

• Google Shema Markup Builder and Structured data tester

• Google SpeedInsight

• Google Test My Site

• Google Lighthouse

• Google My Business

• Then, SEO tools offer you compelling features to optimize your natural referencing. In the following lines, you will find a selection of the best SEO tools from the Internet.

• Semrush (the most complete)

• Screaming Frog Spider (great for technical SEO)

• Majestic SEO (at the top for Netlinking)

• SEO Observer (great for monitoring)

• Ahref (suitable for Netlinking)

• Ubersiggest (great for finding keywords)

• GT Metrix (to test speed)

• Doctor Link (for broken links)

• Woorank (so as not to forget anything)

There are hundreds of specialized tools, free or paid, which will be very useful for you to carry out your SEO audits and implement effective corrections. They will be used to analyze your site's performance or speed, find keywords or expressions, define your personae, view the architecture or the pages of your site, and simulate flows, in short, to optimize your referencing.

What is the real influence of Google in SEO?

Google's influence on the Internet is very controversial today. You may look at things in two different ways: The first is somewhat flattering for the world leader of the Web, which, thanks to the constant improvement of its algorithms, has become a kind of "policeman of the Web." To manage the billions of existing pages, the company's strategy based on "favoring sites respecting precise specifications" encourages content creators to optimize the quality of their productions constantly. And also bring value, make information easier to access and more readable, and make sites faster.

For example, the recent development of EAT (Expertise-Authority-Trust) suggests that Google is committed to prioritizing information from reliable sources for its users (we are all fed up with medical advice from pseudo-experts who know nothing about medicine). In short, it contributes to a faster, clearer, and safer dissemination of information worldwide. If you want to turn your traffic increases into revenue, do not be afraid to ask for a SEO services company for the best results. They will help you with all the SEO services, tools and techniques you need to grow your website.

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