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How to Resolve the Error Message “HP Printer Error State”?

Fix Error Message "HP Printer In Error State"

By Broris HoltPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
HP Printer in Error State

Why your HP Printer Displays “Error State”?. There is a problem with the power outlet voltage supply that is causing fluctuations in printer. In this article, we will discuss the reason and causes behind such errors and how can we resolve the Error Message "HP Printer Error State”.

Reasons behind HP Printer in Error State

• An outdated printer driver.

• Check network connection

• Printer Overheating

• Paper Jam in Printer

• USBs and wires might not be properly connected.

Let’s Solve HP Printer in Error State Message

Power cycle HP printer and computer system:

Continuous use of the printer can cause the printer hardware to overheat. In such cases, users can simply turn off the printer unit. Wait a few seconds and turn on the HP printer. Users can also restart the computer system to fix the problem.

Check the cable connection:

If restarting doesn't help the user can check the physical connection between the printer unit and the computer system. Make sure that USB cable is connected properly between the printer unit and the computer system. Users can replace the USB cable with another one and make the connection. Sometimes Hp printer in an error state due to damaged USB cable so the replacing cable can fix the issue. Users should also try to connect USB cable in another USB port to fix the issue.

Check network connection:

The users who are having a network printer do not require connecting computer systems to printer via USB cable. They can be connected either via an Ethernet cable or wireless network. Users should check the network connection between the HP printer unit and the computer system.

Update the printer drivers:

Printer drivers play an important role in the fine working of the printer unit. A printer driver is the piece of code that translates binary data (documents) into a machine-readable format. An outdated, corrupted or incompatible HP printer driver often leads a HP Printer is an error state problem.

HP printer users can visit the official webpage of the HP. Under the support and download section, the user can select the printer device and enter the details like model number, operating system, type (32 bit or 64 bits). After then the user can download and install printer drivers. After downloading the file, user can run and install it in the system by following on-screen instructions. Just installing HP printer drivers is not enough; users should update it regularly for the error-free printer performance. There are various third party software available online which automatically detects and resolves the driver problem.

Check printer for paper Jam:

Users should check the printer tray for enough papers. Empty paper tray or paper jam may lead to the printer in error state message. If the printer's paper tray is empty then the user can insets printing papers in the paper tray. If the printer is suffering from the paper jam issue then the user can manually clear the paper jam and restart the printer.

Delete pending jobs in print queue:

Corrupted entry in the printer spooler can cause the error state message of the HP printer. Users can access the print queue from the system and delete all the pending jobs or specifically corrupted files to fix the problem. After then restart the system and check the printer for error.

In case if you're windows 10 user and facing the same error then read this article to Resolve “HP Printer In Error State” On Windows 10

These are the quick and a simple check by following which the user can easily fix the HP Printer is an error state issue. Users can feel free to contact us in case of any problems related to the HP printer unit. We are happy to help you.

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