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How to master Azure: Skills you should have

by Sarfaraz Khan 10 months ago in how to
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Microsoft Azure is the preferred public cloud for businesses of any size - and with good reason. Azure has the most extensive network of data centers and secure private connections, as well as storage solutions, of any cloud provider. The Microsoft cloud is used by 80 percent of Fortune 500 businesses.

Azure's expanding range of cloud services allows companies to move faster, work anywhere, and save money. It is crucial that IT professionals acquire Azure skills as Azure evolves and expands.

Learning Azure will help you develop and maintain critical cloud services that keep you ahead of the game, whether you are looking to advance your career in DevOps or system administration.

These are the skills you need to learn Azure.

Azure is well-known for its user-friendliness. However, it is important to be familiar with related technologies before diving into a new platform. These skills will help you to learn Azure.

Cloud computing: Understanding how the cloud functions are key. Experience with other cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, or Google Cloud can help you transition to Azure.

Microsoft knowledge: You will gain experience using products such as Office 365 or PowerShell to understand how these services are integrated with Azure.

Programming: Knowledge of open-source frameworks such as ASP.NET, HTML5, or JavaScript is essential if you want to develop applications in Azure.

How to learn Azure

These resources will teach you the basics of Microsoft Azure and help you apply Azure skills to your job.

Learning-as a-Service

Azure and cloud administration are not something you can learn in a matter of days. For every cloud update and obstacle, you will need to continue learning and have access to the right tools and resources.

Edureka's Azure learning-as-a-service lets you learn Azure at your own pace. This blended learning option offers you the ability to access virtual instructor-led training and Microsoft-produced online content. You can also access articles, eBooks, mentoring services, and custom eBooks.

To accelerate your career in Azure, you can choose from one of three professional tracks: Core, Advanced, or Fundamentals. The Microsoft Azure Professional Track will help you become a skilled Azure pro and maximize your IT investment.

Azure learning-as a-service not only teaches you the basics of Azure, the core workload, networking, and key security features but also gives you the skills to:

  • Scale storage without spending too much
  • Remote access is possible while protecting your business data
  • Protect your cloud business with confidence

Unexpected cloud challenges:

Plus, many other things

Edureka is the world's leader in IT training solutions. Our training meets the needs of students, departments, and enterprises.

Azure learning-as-a-service is the best way to learn Azure. It's perfect for busy IT professionals. This Microsoft-approved training program will provide you with the best Azure training.

Azure is the best platform to help you advance your cloud career. Find out more about Azure learning as-a-service.

Training Courses

You can learn Azure through instructor-led classroom and online training. Real-world experience will be gained in creating virtual networks, deploying databases and designing web apps for Azure. You can learn critical cloud skills through Azure training.

Edureka provides comprehensive Azure training for IT professionals of all levels. Find Azure training courses near you.

Get Certified to Sharpen Your Azure Skills

An Azure certification can help you get professional recognition for your Azure competency, improve your career opportunities, and increase your earning potential.

Microsoft offers certifications at the associate, expert and beginner levels for IT professionals who are interested in managing Azure solutions. These are some of the most popular Azure certifications.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Cloud Platform

This certification shows your proficiency in Microsoft cloud-related technologies. It qualifies for a job as a cloud administrator/architect.

Qualifications: IT foundation skills

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is the recommended preparation course

MCSA: Linux on Azure

Associate-level certification demonstrates that you are able to design, implement, and maintain complex cloud-enabled Linux systems using Azure open-source capabilities. This certification also indicates that you are proficient in Linux system administration.

Qualifications: IT foundation skills

Suggested Preparation Course - Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

MCSA Web Applications

This certification shows that you can create and deploy modern web services and applications. Your MCSA: Web Applications certification will allow you to work as a mid-level web developer or administrator.

Qualifications: IT foundation skills

Recommended Preparation Course: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

You are eligible to receive an MCSA-level expert certification after you have received your certification. The MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification confirm your expertise in cloud technologies and identity management.

Qualifications: A MCSA certification in Windows Server 2016, Cloud Platform or Linux on Azure.

Edureka offers comprehensive Azure training that will prepare you to be an Azure expert, whether you are looking to obtain a certification or improve your resume. Edureka offers Azure training to everyone, from beginners to experienced Azure developers.

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