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How to Get Viral on Triller

How to Get Viral on Triller

By Delhi MagazinesPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Triller is an excellent app that allows you to create lip sync videos and share them with other users. It has a good collection of songs and music that you can use to create impressive videos. You can post your video, gain likes, and followers on Triller. Using Hashtags is one of the best ways to boost your reach on social media platforms. These help you increase engagement with your followers. Similar to Instagram and Facebook, Triller also works through hashtags. Several factors contribute to your success on social media sites. If you want to boost your reach on Triller, you need to know the right time to upload a video, proper use of hashtags, and trending topics. Finding them is not as easy as ABC, so we have brought you some of the best ways to get viral on Triller. Let’s get started.

Find Your Target Audience

You first need to know the target audience you want to reach. Then, search for the videos of other Triller creators who target the same audience you want. When you do the process, it is important for you to take a detailed look at the hashtags that the Triller creators have used in their videos. Find as many trending videos as possible and find out why these videos are getting viral. If you notice the same hashtags in all those videos, note these down. You can use these hashtags in your videos.

Post When Most of Your Audience is Engaged

Be it Instagram, Facebook, or Triller, almost all social media platforms give your video a boost if a video is watched to the end. If a viewer skips the video, the video will lose its watch time and not reach another viewer. It may be useful to post a video when most of your audience is active on the Triller. The watch time determines how interesting or boring your video is. If it is interesting, people will watch it to the end. In this way, the video will have more chances of going viral.

Make Interesting Videos on the Trending Topics

People are interested in watching not just trending but interesting content also. If you make videos on trending topics, your video will be appreciated and liked by many. Use the latest songs in your videos as some people watch the full video because they get immersed in music. It is a great way to get more watch time, making your video go viral. Pick the superhit music from the music library of Triller.

Create High-Quality Video

If your video lacks quality, you may not see the number of your followers increasing. To create high-quality video, you need a good camera phone. If you don’t have a good camera phone, you can shoot a video with a DSLR camera and later upload it to Triller using your smartphone. You can use filters available on Triller to enhance the color of your video.

Promote Yourself on Other Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are among the most popular platforms. If you have a good number of followers on any one of these platforms, start promoting yourself there. You can encourage others to follow you on Triller. Share the links to Triller on your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Doing so will boost the number of your followers, likes, and comments too.


The tips shared above will help you gain more followers organically on Triller. We have described the proper use of Hashtags, which is essential if you wish to reach the target audience. We hope the tips will prove of great use to you.

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