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How to fix canon printer error code 5100?

by Sergeybrinuk 10 months ago in how to
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canon printer error code 5100

Most people have got used to the recent technology to make their work easier and better. Technology has become an essential part of our day to day life, which also includes the usage of printers scanners efficiently. Every other person owns a printer that enhances the quality of work and makes it presentable enough. It gets easier to keep track of things and print within a few seconds if you have the best printer like the Canon.

Even though the Canon printer is one of the most unique and effective printers in the present times, it faces a few issues. The users have usually complained about the canon printer error code 5100, which creates trouble while they are working. Such errors should hamper the proper efficiency and work of the user. The issues further question the reputation of the brand and make it look less-worthy. However, to avoid or avoid any of these, the users must know a few basic methods to fix canon printer error code 5100.

Reasons behind the canon printer code 5100

There could be many reasons for the error, which must be noted before working out a solution. The recognition of the reason makes it easier for the user to use the appropriate method to timely fix canon printer error code 5100. It is not much of a trouble but could cause that to work and hence must be avoided at the right time.

There are several causes for the canon printer code 5100, which usually hampers and degrades the overall process's quality of work and efficiency. However, it is effortless to get rid of them by a few simple methods. Anyone who is not much professional with technology or printers can also make use of the later explained methods to fix canon printer error code 5100 quickly.

A few well-known and common causes for the canon printer code 5100 are:

● Printing paper jam in the printer tray.

● Breather tape might be present on the ink cartridges while inserting them or during the installation.

● Corrupted or outdated printer drivers and softwares.

● Too many print commands that remain pending.

Methods to fix canon printer error code 5100

Method 1: Reinstallation of the ink cartridges in the printer

At times the users do not know how to install the ink cartridges in the printer. This becomes a reason for inappropriate insertion that further causes issues in the printer. To avoid the same, the user must have guidance from the manual or hp official website to understand the process of inserting the ink cartridges in the proper manner.

Hence if this is the reason, you must remove the ink cartridges from the printer and then install them back in the appropriate manner. For the same, you may open up the front panel of the canon printer and then perform the cartridge reset. Further, make sure that you remove the breather tape from the ink cartridges before inserting them into the printer. Ensure the proper functioning by giving a sample print command at last.

Method 2: Resetting the printer and giving new commands

The printer reset is the primary method to get rid of any issue that your printer may face.

● For the same, you need to first switch off the printer entirely and remove all the connecting wires or plugs from the power supply.

● Press the power button on the printer for a few seconds and then release.

● Then it would be best if you let it rest for a few minutes and then start it back on.

● Your printer might have started working back normally, which can also be confirmed by giving a sample print command.

Method 3: Avoid jamming the printer with crushed printing paper

At times the users directly insert the bundle of printing paper inside the tray. This could cause the canon printer code 5100 as the bundle might contain a few crushed papers. This hampers the proper functioning of the Canon printer and further delays your work along with affecting the quality.

Method 4: Make sure to clean the strip in the printer

The printer consists of transparent printings strips. It is extremely important for the entire printing process and hence should be cleaned before use, if dirty. It is usually found near the drive belt in the printer. Ensure that there is no ink or dust on the printing strip and clean it with a dry cloth in the opposite case.

On the off chance that you cannot fix the canon printer error code 5100 even now, you may contact the professional executives and technical experts on Canon's official website. They are present online for 24/7 assistance to the users and the live chat box for convenience. Also Check: Download Printer driver

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