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How to change name in Air France Ticket

Get details about how to change name in Air France ticket

By Aliza WilliamPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Can you change the passenger name on the Air France flight?

To provide the most incredible experience for its clients, Air France will permit you to rename your tickets. It is the case; continue reading if you need to change your name on an Air France ticket but need clarification on whether it is possible. Therefore, "Yes," it is possible to alter your name as long as you go by specific rules. However, you must always get airline consent before changing the name on a ticket to Air France's policy on name changes. The insurance will also include a cost estimate for name changes. It will also specify whether the name change is free of charge.

Change name via the website-

  1. Go to the official site of the Air France Airlines
  2. Seek the My Trip section, and click on them; after that, you should enter the reservation number and last name.
  3. Then, proceed to the manage my trip option; on the next page, look at all the booking details next to the change option.
  4. Change your Air France flight, click on the name section,
  5. Request for the name change with the airline person; when the request accepts, you are accessible to amend the name.
  6. Then, move to the pay name change fee and get its confirmation over your phone.

Change name via calling- You can easily change your name by calling the Air France person. You must dial 1 (800) 237-2747 when the number connects with the support agent. Go for requesting the name change with the agent; if the airline allows you or the reason is genuine, pay the name change fee to them and get its confirmation over your phone number or email address.

How much is it to change your name on Air France?

After making changes to the airline ticket, you must pay Air France Name Change fee from USD 12 to USD 45 for an amended name when the airline allows you. But before heading to change name for Air France ticket, you must go through the name Air France name Change policy.

Air France Name Change Policy

  1. You can only change your name when airlines allow it; you have to pay the name change fee. Also, the name change is accessible to you through online and offline methods.
  2. Name changes made within 24 hours of your reservation are free of charge.
  3. Your name can only have four letters modified. You will also change your name's first, middle, and last letters on the Air France Airlines ticket.
  4. You must present your legal papers to change your surname on Air France Tickets.
  5. Additionally, they are paying Air France the name change expenses per person in compliance with the rules.
  6. Before changing your name, it is crucial to supply the new airline with the necessary papers because name changes prevent you from transferring your flight ticket.
  7. After completing the name change process with your Air France Airlines ticket, you must check in again and select your seats. Switching seats between the new and old PNR numbers is impossible.
  8. You have the choice to modify your name when making an online reservation.
  9. You must pay the Air France Name change fee if a name change is required before 24 to 72 hours of an Air France Airlines flight, per the name change policy.

Air France has a flexible Name change policy and also tell you the procedure about how to change the Name in Air France Ticket. Or else you can call directly at 8044038320.

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