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How To Build a Peer to Peer Car Rental App Like Turo?

by Dima Santarskiy 11 months ago in startup

How to Develop P2P Application for Car Rental Software Similar to Turo

Car rental is a great way to earn money. It's enough to start with one car - your own. This is a full win-win for each side:

1. The owner of the car makes a profit.

2. Travelers get the opportunity to move freely.

This market has existed for a very long time and brings huge profits. But if in the past it was necessary to search for salons or agencies, call and leave a request, today it is enough to download the application, like Turo.

Thanks to the development of technology, it is much easier to enter the rental car market. After all, you car rental app development and add all the vehicles you have at your disposal.

How does Turo work?

There are many rental applications on the market, including Skurt, Get Around. But the most popular is Turo. It allows you to find a car in more than 2,500 cities. That's why many developers take it as an example.

An application for car rental should provide such functionality:

- car listing (with a detailed description of its condition, configuration and photo);

- the profile of the landlord and the renter;

- cost determination;

- geoposition;

- calendar;

- notifications;

- feedback and rating.

All this is organized on a primitive level at Turo. That's why many users love this app so much. In addition, it has a very wide range of cars, from economy to premium. They are all available at relatively low prices.

Key Service Components

When developing an application for car rental, you need to take care of two things.

1. 1. Insurance. Turo provides car owners with a $1 million insurance policy. If you want to get as many customers as possible, you also need to provide this option in your application.

2. Security. You can't just become a landlord or driver. After all, we are talking about the car itself as a value, and besides - safety on the roads. That's why, before getting access to the full-fledged work with the application, users should pass the corresponding check (information about driver's license, payment abilities, car condition assessment, etc.).

What do I need for Development?

To run such an application you will need to create a nice interface, database, server part, take care of client security. Accordingly, the technology stack will be included:

- React Native (used for most mobile developments);

- GraphQL (environment for query execution);

- MySQL and Sequelize (database stack).

- Redux (library for user interface development).

This stack is most often used for developing various mobile applications. With its help you can provide high performance and pleasant interface.


If you want to develop an application for car rental, first think about your goal. Why are you doing this? To make life easier for travelers and people who do not have their own car.

Why think about it? So you can understand exactly what your potential client wants. Accordingly, create an application that's completely suitable for any user.

Dima Santarskiy
Dima Santarskiy
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