How Technology Change?

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My Point On Technology.

How Technology Change?
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Technology has always been in our lives. As young people spend their time on their tablets, cellphones and computers, most of us still remember our Nokias, Blackberry and our flip-phones. Technology has changed our lives, at a point when it is impossible not to find a job or our way back home from our cell phones. Regardless of times changing technology has become part of our culture, business and influence on young people.

Our culture has changed with technology advances. From being able to connect with our loved ones from miles away, to help us plan our holidays and appointments. Some people can admit that technology has become part of our culture since it is something that we always use and need. You can always find any kind of technology in any household from smart TVs, speakers, computers, tablets, cell phones, etc. Technology has affected our culture to a point where parents have an exact age when they want to start buying cell phones, and tablets to their children. Technology has affected our culture and our lives at a point where we depend on it.

The ways of making business have changed through time. Technology has helped people with their business and others finding jobs. We are now able to stay at home and have been able to find a job from our cell phones. Technology has evolved the way of doing business, people now are able to open online stores without having to rent buildings. People have been able to resume their studies from their computers which is something that you could not do ten or fifteen years ago. Technology has helped not only create jobs but has helped a lot of people to resume their studies and with that has helped our economy.

Technology has somewhat affected our young people. From the time that smartphones and computers came so did social media. Social Media has affected our young people from the way they act, dress, interact, and even dance. Young people can be easily influenced , there are trends on social media that dare young people to harm themselves. Naive teenagers had lost their lives due to social media trends.

Technology should not be introduced to our young people because then they are going to depend on technology and within technology there comes the danger of children meeting strangers in these apps.Technology has affected our young people at a point where parents have an exact age when they want to start buying cell phones, and tablets to their children without thinking about the danger that their are putting their child to.

In conclusion technology was created to help us all reach a better future. Future where technology is a big part of our lives and futures generations. Our lives have become easier thanks to what came with technology. We have been able to communicate with people all around the world and to work from home. The advantages of technology is what is helping us overcome ourselves for a better future, economy and a more simple life. The disadvantages is what is bringing our young people down from being bulling online to sex trafficing. Technology has helped us all and the advantage and disadvantage has been seen throughout the years, and is up to us to use technology and social media as an advantage. Educating ourselves is the only way in which future generations are going to be able to use technology without caring about the disadvantages that this might have because they’ll already know what is on social media.

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Veronica E
Veronica E
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