How Long Does It Take to Fix a Dishwasher?

Today, the dishwasher is more commonplace and accessible in modern homes and allows homeowners to save time and money and conserve energy.

How Long Does It Take to Fix a Dishwasher?

When the dishwasher first came on the scene decades ago, it was a luxury appliance that only wealthy homeowners could afford. Today, the dishwasher is more commonplace and accessible in modern homes and allows homeowners to save time and money and conserve energy.

Dishwashers maintain effective sanitization and can get dishes cleaner than hand washing as they can heat water to temperatures more than one hundred degrees, much hotter than human skin can handle.

Today’s dishwashers are generally more durable and efficient than those made in the past because the technology used to build them is more robust. Newer models of dishwashers require less energy to function than older ones and use less water than washing by hand. The University of Bonn conducted a study in 2011 that concluded that, on average, Americans use an estimated 40 gallons of water during each hand-washing session. Per the study, dishwashers only use an estimated four to five gallons of water.

Loading dirty dishes, glasses, and utensils into the appliance, inputting dishwasher soap, and pressing the button to begin a load can save people an estimated 230 hours of leisure time per year, according to the United States Department of Energy.

Dishwasher Use

Interestingly, while the dishwasher optimizes the process of cleaning the kitchen, some homeowners underuse their appliances. Statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s 2015 Residential Energy Consumption Survey revealed that 80 million households in the United States have a dishwasher, yet 20 percent of these households, 16 million, didn’t use them.

Why wouldn’t a homeowner use their dishwasher? Maybe it needs repair.

After some time, dishwashers may begin to show signs of wear and tear. While some homeowners can solve their issues with repairs, others may need to replace their machines altogether.

One sign that a dishwasher needs repairing or replacing is its age. Homeowners should consider upgrading any dishwasher that’s more than ten years old to a newer model. Rusty dishwashers may also need immediate repairing or replacing, as rust can signal a water leak or related issue.

If water remains in the dishwasher after a washing cycle, there may be minor drain issues, such as clogging caused by food, or significant problems that warrant replacing.

Basic Maintenance

Common problems homeowners face with their dishwashers are doors that don’t open or close properly, their machines make strange noises, they don’t heat, or they don’t fill or drain properly.

Homeowners with a warranty on their dishwashers should check them ahead of consulting a professional appliance repair service, and determine if they have coverage on the age of their dishwashers, the parts that need replacing, and ordinary wear and tear versus accidents.

In general, dishwasher repairs can last anywhere between a half-hour to an hour and a half. The length of the job can depend on how old the appliance is, what parts need fixing or replacing, and the overall complexity of the repair.

Routinely maintaining appliances and upgrading them after time passes can diminish the likelihood of costly issues occurring. For reliable repairs, homeowners should consult the services of Oregon Appliance Repair, a company that repairs appliances of various models by different major brands.

The best appliance repair service is in Bend, Oregon

This company employs skilled technicians that inspect and diagnose an appliance to determine what kind of part repairs or replacements it needs, or if a new machine is necessary. Professionals at this appliance repair company locate the parts clients need and ensure they get them for a reasonable price. Oregon Appliance Repair can provide the best repairs for dishwashers, as well as other appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, and more. This company can help homeowners keep their major home appliances in check.

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