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How I Went Viral on Quora and Got 22 Million Content Views

by Nick 11 months ago in how to
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And how you can gain an easy 22 million views with this strategy as well …

And how you can gain an easy 22 million views with this strategy as well …

With freelance writing growing rapidly as a side hustle for many people, many platforms are taking to further monetizing and expanding. For this reason, we are seeing so many emerging platforms such as Medium, Vocal Media, Newsbreak, and of course, the biggest one of them all, Quora involved in this growth.

Quora just recently went live with a new partner program that is relatively similar to Medium. The program which Quora introduced is called Quora +, and just like the Medium membership, it is a subscription for $5 a month which gives you access to metered/monetized stories.

As you can see, the program is quite similar to that of Medium. However, there are not very many other similarities between Quora and Medium except for the fact that people write on both platforms. Quora is question-answer-based, whereas Medium lets you write whatever you desire. Since the platforms are so different in this respect, the way in which you gain views and popularity is different.

Medium is centered on quality, more formal writing, whereas Quora is more of a casual, relaxed community. Your writing doesn't need to be edited well to perform well on Quora. There are many ways to garner views on the platform. One of those ways is spaces, which are almost identical to publications on Medium. With spaces, you can share your answers to questions on the platform so that they reach wider audiences.

I myself created a space called One Country At a Time. After only a year, it has 319,000 followers! The space helps me a lot with gaining views. Although this sounds like a great way to gain views, there is a real hack to Quora that not very many people know.

I've been taking somewhat of a break from Quora for the past few months. However, before my long hiatus from the platform, I was able to do what I would consider as cracking the code to the algorithm. The strategies nearly guarantees success on the platform with numbers in the thousands, ten thousands, and hundred thousands per answer and is extremely straightforward.

The Key To The Quora Algorithm

Quora was where I started writing for the first time online. It was a completely new world of writing for me and one that was quite overwhelming. I wrote for a few months on Quora before I was able to truly crack the code to the algorithm! I struggled to gain even ten views on a single answer.

Once I was able to figure out the algorithm, however, things took off for me! I had weeks where I would get 100,000+ views daily. It was an exciting time for me.

The reason that I started performing so well, as you can see by the rapid spike in views above is that I figured out a way to guarantee success from my answers. Quora and going viral on Quora is all about picking the right question!

Quora is not about answering extremely clearly or well, using an image, or being fancy with your writing. Quora is simply just knowing how to choose the right question. What I'm about to tell you below is a selection process that you can follow on Quora to ensure you choose the correct answers!

The Question Selecting Process

The question selecting process is one of many steps, but I promise you it's worth it. Here's how to get started before choosing a question:

  1. Open up the Quora Home Page on Any Browser You Like: The hack will only work if and only if you are on the home page of Quora.
  2. Once you are on the Quora home page, start scrolling.
  3. Once you've started scrolling, this is where the question selection process starts: basically, this is where you are going to find a question for which your answer will go viral.

Now it's time for the real work to begin. While scrolling, look for the following things…

  • Answers from people you follow or your followers.
  • Advertisements
  • Once you've found such on your home page, completely ignore them. All of them! You should now be left with a bunch of recommended answers. From those recommended answers you are going to check three things.

  • Date Answered: Was it in the past few days, preferably 2–3 days, even better, past 24 hours?
  • Views: Are they in the thousands?
  • Upvotes: Are they in the hundreds or thousands?
  • In a few moments, I'll get to explaining why these three things are the most important. Until then, however, I am going to continue explaining the question selecting process. Once you've found an answer which both satisfies all of the above requirements and you would potentially be willing to answer, click on the question. The question should be in bold right above the answer on your home page.

    The Second Selection Process

    1. Once you click on it, as all answers on Quora works, it will redirect you to the page for that question. Once you're on the question page, it's time for another selection process!
    2. Amount of answers: How many answers are there to the given question? This is extremely important because it tells you how much competition you have. If the question has 100+ answers, your answer will typically get buried along with all the other answers to the question.
    3. Answerers: Who answered the question? Hover over the names of the people who answered the question. Take a look at the content views that they have on Quora. There are quite a few people on Quora with big enough followings so that their answers do well every single time without using this strategy. If the question has been answered by people with millions of views and large followings, this could mean that your answer won't do well.
    4. Views: Do all of the answers have good amounts of views? Did they all garner a good amount of views? They don't all have to be in the thousands but make sure that there are a few in the thousands.
    5. Recency: Were the answers that performed well for the question recent? This is just my recommendation, but I would say you should be looking for a mean of one-week recency. If most of the answers have been within the week or a little over a week old, the question should be fine.
    6. Upvotes: Similar to views, make sure that there is consistency with upvotes. Make sure that a good amount of the answers have a good amount of upvotes!

    Why My Selection Process Works

    My selection process is solely based on if a question is trending or not. Is it recent? If so, it could be something that's trending. Just like the news, trending things are usually recent things, so you must make sure that when you answer a question it has trending answers which were written recently.

    Second of all, if a question doesn't have very many answers, you have more of a chance of becoming a trending answer. If other answers to the question are trending, there's a good chance yours could start trending too, especially if people start clicking on the question page and reading through other answers, such as yours!

    How You Can Use This To Make Money With Quora+

    As I said earlier, Quora+ came out pretty recently and is going to be a great way to make more money from Quora and writing online. You can use this strategy to your advantage by answering a lot of questions! Write in both quantity, but also stress quality.

    Although I said above that your writing style doesn't matter, quality is important. Quora+ is based off of engagement. if your writing is not engaging, this strategy won't get you anything but views. Make sure you're writing answers which answer the questions well and engagingly.

    Common Myths About Answering Questions on Quora

    If a Question Has a lot of Followers, Your Answer Will Do Well

    This myth has a lot of falsity to it, but there is a sliver of truth. As I said earlier, recency matters. If a question garnered all of its followers a long time ago, there is a good chance that the question's followers won't see your answer to the question four years after they followed the question. However, the sliver of truth is that if a newer question has a lot of followers, your answer could perform well.

    Getting Popular Is Impossible Since There's Too Much Competition

    Once I started using this strategy, I was able to gain views rapidly! In fact, on one day alone, I had nearly 300,000 views! I only started writing answers around this time last year. Just do good writing and answer a lot of questions, and eventually, your views will start climbing.

    You Need To Have Large Followings on Other Platforms To Become Popular on Quora

    This is another false myth. I didn't and still don't have much of a following anywhere except for on YouTube and now Quora. On Medium, I am nearing 1,000 followers, however, I wouldn't consider that too much of a following. When I started Quora, I didn't have a following anywhere and was still able to do pretty well without it!

    Thanks so much for reading, I hope this article helps you with your Quora ventures!

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