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How I've Made Awesome Extra Cash as a Mystery Shopper

by Jami Brumfield 2 years ago in apps

Did you know there are tons of secret shopper apps you can download to your smartphone that will give you access to mystery shopper jobs in your area?

I share my personal experience with the Mobee app in this video. Check out my review.

In this post I'm going to share with you 4 apps I use daily to find secret or mystery shops in my area. For each video, I will share with you my personal experience with these apps. The video above talks about Mobee, which is my second favorite of the 4 apps. Check it out.


Mobee is great for quick easy shops. I check it every time I am going to a store to see if a new quick shop is available. Usually, the shops consist of auditing merchandising displays in specific stores. Sometimes these shops vary, but for the most part, it pays $4 to $5 for a couple of pictures and answering a couple of questions. I haven't had any issues with getting a payment or rejected shops.


The reason Mobee did not make my number one choice is that it pays out through gift cards. However, the gift cards are instant payouts, which is really convenient. If you know you're going out for the day and want to treat yourself to a coffee, cash out a gift card if you have the points and use it on the go on your phone.

Field Agent is my 1st choice for mystery shop jobs

Because it pays cash for jobs and it usually has a lot of shops and a variety of different shops as well.

Check out the video for my personalized experience with this app.


The number one pro of this app, for me, was the variety. I may have a mystery shop in my area where I go in and talk to a store representative regarding a sale, a recycling audit where I count the pallets of waste behind the store, a merchandising audit, a customer service audit, a scavenger hunt, a "buy it and try it" assignment and more. The variety keeps me on my toes and offers a lot more options.


The number one con with this app is the payout option is only direct deposit into your checking or savings account. Some people are uncomfortable with this type of payout and would prefer PayPal.

iSecret Shop is my 3rd favorite app

Mostly because of the payout system and that when you do shops on iSecret Shop, you're not doing shops for them, you're signing a Mystery Shopper Contract with the company wanting the shop and they payout on that company's schedule. Check out my video review below.

iSecret Shop gathers some great jobs online and shares them all on one platform.


The variety is great. I've done a restaurant pick up shop (getting reimbursed for the food and paid for the shop was nice). I've done phone shops and they even have website shops.


The only real con I've experienced on this app is the one I talked about above: the varied payout schedule because you aren't working for iSecret Shop, you're working for the company hiring for the shop. The contracts are nice though, and they do make it clear up front when and how you'll get paid for the job.

The Final Mystery Shopper App I want to share is Gig Walk

This shopper app made #4 on my favorite list and I go into greater detail in the video and pro and con list below.

Gig Walk pays great for their shops; unfortunately, I haven't had a large number of shops in my area to do. Check out the video for my personal experience with this app and the pros and cons below.


As mentioned above, Gig Walk has some of the best secret shop rates out there. Their website shows that they pay out from a couple of dollars to even $100 on some shops. I did a simple shop and was paid out as promised by the 14 day window.


I don't care too much for the interface and platform. It seems buggy on my phone. I also wished they had more shops for my area. If I were willing to drive 20 or 30 miles, there are plenty more opportunities so they don't have super low job counts, just low offers in my area.

Have you tried these shopper apps and what kinds of experiences have you had?

Overall, if you're the shopper in your household, having these apps on your phone can make you some additional side cash. Between all four apps, in one week I made $150. Will they make you rich? Probably not, but the extra cash for the small amount of work on these secret shops is a nice bonus.


Jami Brumfield

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