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How Do You Select The Best Company For Mobile App Development?

by Maulik Pandya 2 months ago in startup
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Each year, the number of apps downloaded steadily increases with 178 billion downloads of apps in 2017, just in accordance with Statista. In 2022, the number will likely exceed 258 billion. Making a mobile application with the assistance of an application developer can increase customer loyalty and provide customers with an immediate line of communication.

Many businesses understand what they would like from mobile applications, but lack the skills or resources needed to achieve their goal. This is the reason why many companies collaborate with application development companies to work together. When selecting a mobile app developer, it is essential to conduct research in order so that you can ensure the best mobile app development company is chosen by experience, expertise and other elements.

As someone who's created an app development business working in conjunction with clients across different industries to develop the development of their applications, Selecting the most suitable partner is more crucial than making hundreds or thousands of dollars on the development of your app. The right partner can provide value in many different ways, not only development, and will allow you to maximize the profits for your app's business.

Let's look at what you need to look for when choosing an app developer in order to make the best choice for your app's business.

What Should I Look For In Mobile App Development?

If you're looking to engage developers for your app, be aware that there are steps to take, as well as mistakes you need to try to avoid. In this post we'll go over our top 9 tips to choose the most suitable app development firm for you.

1. Make Sure To Consult A Professional

Choosing companies with the mobile app development industry is a specialization rather than a separate segment. Mobile app development is very specific and app developers must be aware of the necessary programming languages, SDKs, and the particulars of the mobile device (i.e., iOS or Android).

In many instances the jack of all trades isn't equipped with the necessary expertise to be a specialist in a specific area. For instance, if the intention is to develop an native mobile app then you must seek out companies who specialize in the development of native apps.

In most cases, it's easy to determine if IT companies aren't focused. In general, multi-purposed IT firms and their websites offer a comprehensive list of different technologies and platforms they collaborate with. It is possible to indicate how many native apps that the vendor's portfolio includes or the total number of iOS or Android developers within the state.

2. Request Estimates If Your RFP Is Well-Detailed Enough.

We receive constant requests for "an application similar to Uber" with a short description. In parallel, potential clients will request us to provide them with an offer and then make an evaluation. In this instance, the client is likely to send the same request to different developers of apps in the hope of comparing their services.

Imagine you own an architect and a potential customer wants to know, "How much does it cost to build a home?" Now, you know what we are feeling.

To avoid this issue ensure that you describe the products in detail within your RFP. In this way, prospective buyers will be able to create an accurate proposal or estimation of cost. You can then evaluate companies without having to be concerned that the contractor you hired did not understand your work scope.

3. Start With A Trial Agreement

It is possible to conduct a number of hours of meetings with a prospective candidate, but that isn't a guarantee that they're suitable to your needs. Mobile developers don't need proposals, portfolios or a speech. Only way you can figure out whether you and the contractor match is to get started.

The first step is to define what the work scope will be in the first one or two months of a trial contract. Next, watch the development team's activities.

Fortunately, at this point switching your contractor can be significantly easier. The small risks that come with a trial contract permit you to conduct thorough research. At the end of this trial you'll determine if you're comfortable cooperating with the company for the long haul because you're aware of the process they follow.

4. Separate Contracts Into Sections

This information pertains to this trial-contract. If you're looking to build an application for mobile devices starting from scratch, you'll need to tackle the business analysis as well as UI/UX. Separate these tasks into separate contracts, and then make use of them to evaluate your prospective vendor.

When you finish the process you will get an outline of your requirements as well as designs for the screens of your app. With these documents it is easy to contact numerous mobile app development company by submitting an RFP (which at this time is as precise as you can get). As we've seen it is possible to evaluate your estimates or proposals.

5. Keep In Mind That The Application's Scope Is Not The Sole Determining Aspect

A lot of times, customers select an individual contractor with an existing portfolio that includes the same project as their own. It is possible that they are thinking, "Well, these guys have created apps for a restaurant, so they'll be able to make the app for us." But, from a development point perspective, having similar projects don't mean the contract is suitable for you.

A restaurant app as well as a news application are made using the same controls and parts. Dating apps will most likely feature chat functions. A company who has incorporated a chat feature within an app for food delivery services might be more suitable than one that designed a "just another" dating application.'

6. Choose The Appropriate Size For The Vendor.

Let's suppose that you're seeking an entire team comprising four to six app developers to help your business. If you approach a business that employs 1,000+ employees and you're placed last in their queue of customers and then sorted by turnover. In this case it's easy to predict which projects this company will give to the most skilled app developers and managers at the C-level.

Or, if the next round of capital is near and you plan on expanding your team to a smaller studio, a tiny one that has 20 employees isn't what you're looking for. Naturally, you are not going to be deprived of the CEO's attention and you'll likely be given reasonable rates. However, the development of your team is at risk.

In this scenario it is obvious that a mobile studio with a limited budget has insufficient resources. They will need to supply you with all they currently have as well as newly hired developers.

We suggest that you employ an app developer in line with your requirements. In this way you will be valued as a customer and the capacity of the company will enable you to expand your app.

7. Be Honest

Did you sign an NDA? If yes, ensure that you inform the prospective vendor the actual scope of the work as well as the general plans regarding your venture.

The past has seen instances of startups who concealed their ideas up until the time that the agreement was signed. Unfortunately, keeping your thoughts in secret can cause difficulties during the process of development.

As developers, we value our clients who have made it clear that they'd like to create an internal team to further work for the undertaking. This will allow us to help our clients in interviewing and securing an appropriate team.

It is important to ensure your goals and strategies are clearly communicated to potential vendors. For example, if you inform your vendor that you intend for your application's culinary aspect to evolve into a full-fledged Entertainment platform, they'll be able decide on the most appropriate approach for design and development, which will save your time and cash.

8. Refer To Reviews and References

Choosing an app development company? Do a search on Clutch for reviews of the company first!

A reputable company for app development can provide all the data you require to be confident in their skills. Additionally providing their references to you will allow the developer to demonstrate their past successes. So references are beneficial for both the developer and the client.

B2B directories such as Clutch or GoodFirms to get opinions from other customers regarding your prospective vendor. Clutch reviews have been rigorously evaluated and are almost impossible to write false reviews. Through Clutch you can choose a project that you like from the portfolio of a developer, and request contact information for the client's company.

9. Learn About The People With Whom You Will Be Working With

Every employee has distinct backgrounds and experience. It is therefore recommended to conduct interviews with app developers prior to starting the project. Additionally, you can discuss your personal preferences with the pre-sale manager for potential participants of your team remotely.

10. Time Frame of App Delivery

The company chosen must be able to create high-quality apps in a short time or have one of the most efficient turnaround times. The app must be able to penetrate the market in a rapid manner to ensure greater ROI and the highest level of business outcomes. The company that develops apps must stay up to date with the most recent developments in the fields they are working on.


To locate a leading mobile app development company that matches your needs it is essential to define the purpose the app will achieve, the budget, and its platform. Based on these factors, pick a partner who creates similar kinds of apps. The expectations of your partner and your expectations in relation to collaboration in the development process should be aligned.


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Maulik Pandya is a lifelong Analyst, Founder of Evince Development & Eatance. He has good knowledge in Coding, Business Analysis, Providing Enterprise Solutions, Project Management, Sales Consultation, Marketing, Operation Management.

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