How Do Smart Locks Work?

Smart Locks

How Do Smart Locks Work?

There are a number of great smart devices out there that would look fancy to have. Similarly, there are devices that will make you think about how you were living without them. One of these devices is smart locks.

Smart locks are no longer an idea from science fiction. It has made entering your workplace and home convenient. Besides this, it has improved security as well.

Thus, smart locks are a convenient, modern, and effective solution for your business and residential security. But do you know how these Smart Lock work? If not, I have got it covered in this article for you.

Keyless Entry Lock

There are many benefits of replacing your existing traditional key lock to modern keyless Smart Lock. The Benefit of those benefits is that you do not have to worry about forgetting your keys inside your home or somewhere else.

But before you install a smart lock, you need to remove the old one. And even before that, you have to find top-rated locksmith service. Also, you can find many top-rated locksmith services in St Petersburg FL, if you happen to reside there.

Smart locks can be controlled by using smartphone applications. On the other hand, many models of these smart locks feature a numeric keypad on the lock that requires code access to enter.

One-Touch Leaving

If your morning to-do list has juggling kids, keys, wallets, books, and many more, you will switch to anything that makes getting out of your home quick and easy.

With this modern feature one-touch leaving locks your door, turns off the lights, and arms your security. Besides this, it adjusts the thermostat too, that saves energy. All with the one simple touch of the lock button.

Lock With Voice Recognition Feature

Not sure if you locked your home or not and you do not have your phone near you? No problem, when your smart lock is fused with a system that involves an Amazon Echo or Google Home. Just say “Hey Google, lock the door” out loud and it is done.

Create Custom Rules

Some smart locks feature options for custom rules. You can create them according to your wish. Such as, automatically arming your security system after a specific time limit, or locking the front door. Similarly, you can also use this custom rule feature to turn off your lights whenever you want.

Get Record Of Your Visitors

You can make up to 30 access codes in some new and modified models of the smart lock. Also, you can set different codes for different people and can even tell them. For example, a specific code for family members, a different one for workers or relatives.

Well, this is not enough. Your system has a record of the log, which code was used at what time so you can know exactly who visited. Besides this, you can also turn on the notification in your smartphone to get notification whenever someone enters or leaves your home.


Like most of your home or workplace purchases, purchase a perfect smart lock for yourself. There are plenty of updates on the market nowadays, buy the one that suits you and serves in the best way possible.

These devices are really important in our daily lives, It makes our life much simpler and easier. You just need to search a little to arm your home with the best security using a smart lock. Besides this, you do not need to make rounds all-around your home to check or turn off the lights.

On the other hand, thanks to the regular update system, you are able to use more modified features making it much easier with updated facilities.

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