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Health and Fitness Wearable

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By Denzil McPublished 6 years ago 2 min read
Health and Fitness Wearable. Mytechfitness.com 

Introducing the HELO LX. This is the newest health wearable technology to hit the market. So far has been featured on Fox News, CBS and The Today Show. HELO LX is the most advanced health and fitness wearable on the planet. The HELO LX health and fitness wearable is the brand new wellness band of WOR(l)D, designed to fit your style and your wellness. This is the wellness band reinvented.

Paired with Toshiba's micro chip technology, the firmware in the HELO LX can be updated with the latest apps. With better accuracy in measurements with sensor sampling frequency, better precision to measure your blood pressure, heart rate, breath rate, mood, sleep, fatigue, Ekg/Ecg, blood sugar (no more pricking your finger!), and alcohol level. Imagine getting a message on your smart phone saying you're not good to drive, plus a mosquito repellent to keep those blood sucking insects away.

By using the HELO LX you can monitor your vitals every 15 minutes to every two hours. You can also set the HELO's perimeters to advise you on your smart phone if the readings go outside the normal range. HELO also comes with the ability to for you to send notifications to your doctor or trainer.

The S.O.S and Guardian feature of the HELO LX alloys you to monitor loved ones anywhere in the world. When they're in trouble or feel threatened, they just press the button on the side of the HELO twice and, you being the guardian, will receive an alert message on your smart phone giving the G.P.S location of your loved ones. No other fitness or health tracker can do that.

My HELO Testimony

My doctor had me on high blood pressure meds until I bought the HELO LX. I showed him the reading and he retested me with a bp monitoring machine and left the room. When he came back the results, he said the HELO LX was accurate enough for me not to be on bp meds. He then said I have white coat syndrome, which means when I see doctors, or those in white coats, your stress level increases causing your bp to go up. With a proper diet and exercise along with the HELO LX giving me readings every hour and letting me know if there's an abnormal reading, I have been able to maintain a normal bp reading.

What I love about the HELO LX is that I can now monitor my bp and other vitals, so when it goes up due to stress in my life, it will let me know so I can calm down to get it back into its normal range. (Thank God!)

In conclusion, whether you're looking for a quick heart check, or want to monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, breath rate, or even mood, the HELO device can track and deliver it all.

It’s time to bring this amazing life sensing device to more and more people around the world for a healthier lifestyle through technology.

Another great feature with World Global is that every customer that purchases a HELO will receive their very own web link in their account where they can get paid you up to 20% commission on every HELO product they sell with NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS to maintain the website! Imagine if Fitbit or Apple thanked their customers by giving them the ability to profit from their product.

The HELO LX is NOT a medical device, it's an estimator. For more information on the HELO LX pls visit my website.

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Denzil Mc

Hello there, my name is Denzil and I'm an entrepreneur in the health and fitness wearable industry. Wearable technology is big business especially in the health and fitness field with Helo LX from World Global. www.Mytechfitness.com

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