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Guide to Software Development Outsourcing

by Jay Patel 10 months ago in list

The services of software outsourcing are increasing day by day as companies and businesses are now choosing to outsource software development projects due to its various advantages.

What is Software Development Outsourcing?

The companies nowadays are more focusing on software development outsourcing. What does this mean? outsourcing means outside resourcing. In simple term software development outsourcing means in which organizations hire external software development agency or a freelance developer to successfully carry out a software development project.

If a company is in the retail and hospitality industry those companies don’t have enough resources or expertise to develop a software, a website, a mobile app and built an IT infrastructure. So, such companies were in search of outsourcing software development and it had worked successfully.

As per research report by Statista in the year 2019 the global IT outsourcing market amounted to a surprising amount of 66.5 billion U.S. dollars, with such numbers we can strongly say the demand for Software Development in India outsourcing will continue to rise in future.

The services of software outsourcing are increasing day by day as companies and businesses are now choosing to outsource software development projects due to its various advantages.

Why Outsourcing Software Development Project is Important?

Software development is complicated including building a website, mobile apps, software integration, and data analysis. Not all organizations have such talent in-house so they hire an outsourcing team and that has many benefits like:

• It’s Cheaper

Selecting talented IT specialists is costly and time-consuming. Once an in-house team is hired it increases the costs of office infrastructure, workstation, and so forth. But by hiring a third-party company or outsourcing software development the organization get access to a talented and professional team without worrying about the costs.

• Immense Access to IT Experience

As the IT Company grow, they are becoming part of increasingly ambitious and challenging projects. The companies hire top specialists in their fields. By outsourcing software development, you gain access to qualified and expert developers who have been evaluated by the agencies you hire and their abilities have been tested in many different projects.

• Flexibility

Another benefit that outsourcing software development brings is flexibility. The flexibility of using the services of software developers as per your needs. After the service completion, you can terminate the contract but the same is not possible with an in-house team. But what if you need outsource developers again to upgrade or to maintain the software, you can hire them again as per your requirements and thus this are the flexibilities you get in when outsourcing software development project.

• Can Focus on your Business

Freeing up time for management is also an explanation of why some businesses choose to outsource software development. Various methodologies, for example, Waterfall or Scrum, may be used by a development team, but the way they operate would often be different. There is still, however, a person you can directly contact and find out how the process is going. At the same time, just to ensure that your team and you are on the same page, only your minimal participation in a project is necessary. Therefore, rather than handling software development, you should remain focused on your core business processes.

• Speed

Building an in-house software development team needs more time. Probably you will need three or more months to hire in-house talented software developers that mean the company or business has to wait for so long to hire the team and start working on the project.

By outsourcing software development project businesses can launch their app in a short duration because a team of tech experts can be set up in just one or two weeks by a dedicated provider.

Different Models of Outsourcing Software Development

• Onshore Software Outsourcing

Onshore software outsourcing means the developers and agencies you hire are located in the same country.

• Offshore Software Outsourcing

Offshore software outsourcing means the developers and agencies you hire are located in other countries. This is beneficial and cost-effective because of low labour costs.

• Nearshore Software Outsourcing

This means working with neighboring countries


Are you in need of outsourcing software developer team?

Consider all the above points while selecting your outsourcing partner and remember the more time you spend reviewing their work, the greater chance you have of selecting a developer that suits you. Once you decideon specific Outsourcing Software Development in India, carefully and respectfully read the contract requesting you to add, exclude or change something you don't want.


Jay Patel

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Vrinsoft Technology.

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Jay Patel
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