Global Bank Account, Sort Of

by Isla May 3 months ago in apps

Transferwise Solved My Global Work Dilemma

Global Bank Account, Sort Of

I am American. I live and work in Paris, France. The French banking system is, well, to put it gingerly, behind the times. (For example, if I forget my password it will arrive by snail mail in two weeks. This is not a joke. Two weeks of no online access. They quote me security concerns about using email). Back to the story: I am a dancer and I took a 3 month gig in Norfolk, England and found myself needing an English bank account. Problem is, I don't have an address in England nor visa support from my new employer. Plus, I must feed my Parisian bank account. Not to mention send money home to my American accounts. My new roommate is Dutch and wants rent money sent to her bank in Holland. What is a working girl to do? Transferwise.

She saw, she clicked, she conquered.

I needed a quick answer to my banking dilemma. I needed instant low charge transfers between countries and currencies. (I am a freelance global citizen wanna-be.) For years I had dreamed of an online global solution to working abroad - finally the market has caught up with me! While complaining to my Australian friend she told me (for the fifth time, mind you) about Transferwise.

The moment I signed up, I had three different accounts in three different countries and currencies. I was overjoyed. So overjoyed I ordered the business debit card. It arrived in a week. I told my new Dutch roommate to get Transferwise to solve her same dilemma (She doesn't want to lose 30Euro each time she needs to transfer money to England! Ain't nobody got time for that!).

You too can use this link:

Meanwhile, in France, it takes nearly 2 months for my transfer to arrive to my American credit union. Transferwise it takes 7 hours. With Transferwise I send my roommate rent for .63 cents. It arrives instantly. No more headache about bank transfers over international lines and currency exchange!

There is a small explosion of these companies now. Zelle (whom my US credit union uses to communicate with Wells Fargo), Paypal (but yet to go global), and I don't know, many others I guess. I don't care anymore because I found a solution in Transferwise that works brilliantly. (Now if only my parents will get on it!)

Transferwise was easy, instant, legal, and simple. They did their homework in what the global freelancer needs. So I must sing their praises here for all of our readers who haven't seen the light.

Isla May
Isla May
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