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GitLab disables Windows!

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By Nell JonasPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

According to GitLab's website, GitLab has been open source for a decade since its inception, "from a group of coders with their own laptops to an organization that needs to protect not only their own corporate data, but also customer data." For the sake of security, GitLab believes that it is necessary to uniformly adjust the configuration of employees' computers.

Recently, it was found that GitLab clearly pointed out the restrictions on its employees on computer operating systems in the article "onboarding and device Management" on its website: "allow the use of Linux and Apple's macOS, but prohibit the use of Microsoft's Windows."

The emergence of this mandatory requirement is somewhat surprising: you say that you are an open source code management platform, so it is understandable to insist on using the open source Linux system, but why is it also a closed source operating system, macOS can Windows but not?

For this "ban on Windows" rule, GitLab gives the following two main reasons:

? Because Windows dominates the desktop operating system, it is also the platform with the most spyware, virus and ransomware attacks.

MacOS is pre-installed on Apple computers, and Linux is also available for free. However, if you want to use Windows, you must buy Windows Professional Edition, because the pre-installed Windows Home Edition is difficult to ensure security and does not comply with GitLab security guidelines.

GitLab pointed out that combers are familiar with Linux and can support themselves, they can also choose Linux laptops."

(1) Apple device

Most positions that require high computer performance need to use a 14-inch or 16-inch MacBook Pro M1 Max. For specific positions, see https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OuC0_iliCzASKfOhDLWO4fBmDS-uL3VGRMI6063R6tk/edit?usp=sharing for the Mac model that can be applied for.

Note: GitLab's IT operations team only uses corporate discounts for Apple products purchased by the company, and Apple has no plans to offer discounts for GitLab employees.

(2) Linux equipment

Currently, the only Linux laptop supplier officially designated by GitLab is Dell, and the specified models include the Dell Precision 5500 or 5700 Series and the Dell Latitude 7300 Series. "these Linux laptops are usually pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux, which saves money on Windows licenses."

As to why GitLab chose Dell as the exclusive Linux vendor, the reasons are as follows:

? Dell has the longest history of shipping pre-installed Linux notebooks among mainstream manufacturers

? Dell can ship laptops to all countries where GitLab employees live

GitLab needs a stable and unified platform to deploy software components, which standardized Linux does.

? At present, Ubuntu LTS is the preferred Linux platform, which has the advantages of stability and rapid vulnerability repair.

? You can enjoy a corporate discount on laptops purchased from a single supplier.

? Dell is a certified Ubuntu supplier with a variety of laptop options and even a self-maintained version of Ubuntu OEM

? To date, all of Dell's major security issues have come from the Windows operating system, not hardware.

In summary, after trying to balance privacy, security, and compliance to ensure a reliable choice of access to GitLab data, the GitLab security team finally recommended that employees choose: MacBook Pro running macOS and Dell Precision running Linux. GitLab added that laptops that employees apply to the company can generally be replaced after three years, but the time limit still depends on the use of the computer.

Netizen: that's a lie. You "contradict" Microsoft products because of GitHub.

Originally, this article is a device specification compiled by GitLab for internal employees, but it has unexpectedly aroused discussion on the Internet, and even accumulated 300 + comments on HN.

Many netizens think that the reason given by GitLab is not enough to disable Windows, the logic is not strong, and it is more likely to be a "conflict" of Microsoft products where GitHub is located.

Habnds: "I thought about it for a while and suddenly realized that GitLab's main competitor is Microsoft's GitHub, so maybe they're not very enthusiastic about using Microsoft products?"

Marcosdumay: "all the reasons are correct, but it doesn't feel very relevant, which gives me the impression that Windows may indeed be banned because it comes from their competitors."

@ politelemon: "according to GitLab, macOS and Linux are chosen because the professional version of Windows is paid. But macOS is also not 'free', and even according to their logic, only Linux should be allowed-which shows that their conclusions are not logically driven. "

There are also concerns about the consequences of disabling Windows in GitLab: "although I am not a Windows user myself, I think this is a pretty bad policy, so will GitLab not be able to test the user experience on Windows in the future? GitLab saves money, but in return, users will get worse products. "

So, what do you think of GitLab's decision to ban employees from using Windows?


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