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Gambling On The Dark Web - How Risky Is It?

by Bruno Marcoux 6 months ago in cybersecurity

Gambling on the dark web can be fascinating and risky at the same time. You can be victimized in some way or the other on the darknet as mentioned here unless you are fortunate enough.

Betting or Gambling on the Dark Web

The dark web is one of those few topics that attract the majority of the population. There have been many in-depth editorials, news stories, and endless documents made to quench the thirst for knowledge on the dark web. They clearly depict what the dark web is and what goes on in there. These have created an immense urge for people to know about the dark web or the deep web. One of the dark web segments that has gained much popularity and keep drawing people is dark web gambling. Now, gambling on the dark web has become as popular as gambling on the clear net.

This article will talk about how gambling on the dark web can be risky despite its fame. But before that, we will tell you about the dark web in brief.

What Is The Dark Web?

The dark web can be well understood if you understand the surface web. Both the dark web and the surface web are pretty simple to understand. The major search engines viz Google or Bing continuously crawl the surface web to search for various websites and list them according to their categories. This is the sole reason why you are listed with specific websites and blogs based on your search query.

On the contrary, the deep web sites or the dark web websites bear specific scripts that instruct the search engines not to index them. Thus, the websites and their pages on the darknet are “non-indexed”. Most of these websites on the deep web contain uninteresting things like tedious code or bank data which are not required by the regular population. However, a small portion of the dark web has actual websites that offer various illegal services.

These illegal platforms are called black markets that offer anything and everything as the media majorly focuses on. This is quite natural as these kinds of stories are much more sensational and more people get interested in them. However, the dark web is not just limited here. There are many other services in there like forums for the journalists, online casinos, poker sites, sportsbooks, chat services for people having an interest in various niches, etc. A good number of dark web users are regular gamblers on several dark web gambling websites.

How Do People Find Dark Web Gambling Sites?

The websites on the darknet, dark web, and deep web have not listed the way the surface web websites are listed. This is the reason why it is not possible to provide an up-to-date list of dark web sportsbooks and casinos. All of the dark web sites have a .onion extension and not a .com, unlike the clearnet websites. The .onion web addresses frequently change, say, every six months. The possible reasons could be either the websites are shut down, or they move to other servers for avoiding detection.

For finding the working .onion links to the gambling websites on the dark web, people generally use a unique browser called the Tor browser. TOR is the abbreviation for the phrase The Onion Router. With the help of this browser, it becomes complicated to track the people who use it regularly. Once people have TOR in possession, they search to gamble on the dark web finding various websites to do so. They also visit dark web directories like the Hidden Wiki. With a little bit more research, they come across a couple of dark web gambling websites and dark web betting sites.

How Is Gambling On The Dark Web Done?

As most of the transactions on the dark web are done via cryptocurrencies, gambling on the dark web is also carried out via cryptocurrencies. The most used cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin, and Ethereum.

The cryptocurrencies are mainly chosen to transact on the dark web as they are untraceable and the transactions remain secret. As people gather on the dark web for maintaining their privacy and security, people prefer specific privacy-coins to transact such as Monero (XMR) and Verge.

The idea of gambling with cryptocurrencies is similar to many of the crypto casinos. The players purchase cryptocurrency from an exchange and send the bought cryptocurrencies either to their own wallet on the site or to the wallet address of the dark web betting website. This is set up based on the rules of the particular dark web gaming site.

Beware! Dark Web Betting Sites Can Be Scams

By far you may have had enough interest to jump into one of the many betting sites on the dark web. But massive scams are going on on the dark web via dark web betting sites. Many people have by now fallen prey to gambling scams. There are various forms of dark web gambling scams. Here is the list of all the cons that take place on the darknet.

Deposit Scams: Various dark web gambling sites do not even bother to payout what a bettor may have won. These websites run as trusted gambling sites on the dark web. This attracts more players from around the world. As they deposit their betting amount and the betting website on the dark web makes a sizable amount of money, the players will find their account has been locked.

Fake Syndicates: The scammers are very much aware that humans fall for easy money. This has given rise to various fake syndicates who claim to have fixed bet tips along with insider knowledge. But to spot them, you have to pay them first. But be certain that this way you will lose your money for sure.

Fixed Games: Winning fixed games is next to impossible. It is a fact that no legitimate casino software provider will work with a darknet gambling website. You will never find casino companies like NetEnt or Playtech offering games on these websites. Thus, if you find any contrary claims to the sites take them as lies. If you spot these games on any dark web website, they are all pirated, and you will be rigged.

Ponzi Schemes: These schemes have become quite frequent these days. The gambling websites on the dark web use the Ponzi schemes to pay out other players taking deposits from a different group of players. These websites eventually fall as too many people try to cash out all at once or when the owners of the websites decide to flee with the money.

The dark web betting scams are similar to the scams on the clear web. It becomes so much easier for scammers to scam people just for the fact that the dark web makes it difficult to track the transactions. Also, there is no regulated process for starting any dark web site like the central domain registrar. The website moves from one server to another for avoiding detection.

No one can suppress the curious nature of the human. This is the reason why many people are attracted to forbidden and secret things. They are fascinated by the dark web. But coming on the gambling on the dark web, it is recommended that you avoid getting involved in them. You can check the reviews on various other sites and dark web forums before you indulge in any one of them. That said, there is no guarantee that you will never be scammed.

Bruno Marcoux
Bruno Marcoux
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Bruno Marcoux

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