Futuristic Technologies That You Might Live to See

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The good thing about technology is that it never stands still. There are always new innovations coming in with the passage of time, and this progression will keep continuing for as long as we can fathom.

Futuristic Technologies That You Might Live to See

Knowing how mankind is striving to make the most out of the given resources, we are sure that futuristic technologies are bound to come.

Here, GS Diamonds mentions some of the futuristic technologies that you might expect to see during your lifetime. Pack your gears and fasten your seatbelts, because these technologies sure will jolt you.

Jet Packs

Imagine humans flying like birds in the air and going around from place to place without the hassle of being stuck in the traffic down below? Sounds good, right? Well, it isn’t long before you would see this actually taking place around you.

Jet packs are being regularized and are being made common across the globe. There are numerous manufacturers that are speeding up the work in this regard, and we soon expect the launch of jet packs that will travel at a speed of 77 miles per hour, at a height of around 250 feet. This is a significant step towards the right direction, and would seriously help humans become more energetic and will get them moving.

The initial cost for a jetpack is said to be on the higher side of things, but with the passage of time it is expected that the cost will come down and everyone would be able to afford these jetpacks the way they are. You can even assemble one now to get the correct design at home.

Air Travel

Star wars fans would have always wanted something like the Star Wars Speeder Bike to help them around in their daily commute. Well, this dream is about to come true with the Aerofex. Aero-X is expected to launch within the coming years.

The Aero-X model is a result of 15 years of dedication and hard work, and packs a lot of development and research within itself.

The engine for the machine packs a water cooled 240 horsepower machine, with additional two rotors to make air travel made easier and more convenient. The machine can fly at around 12 feet above land, and can also reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. This is an exceptional advancement in mankind’s history, and knowing that it can currently withstand 310 pounds of weight is just exceptional.

The Aero-X is also extremely safe to use and travel in, as the double rotors present on the exterior will help you maintain your balance and ride the machine like a true boss. There would be no sight better than the one of you bursting through the winds in your own customized Aero-X machine.

Prosthetics with Touch

While the world of prosthetics has seen numerous advancements, nothing can parallel the new hopes of achieving prosthetics with touch. A team of European scientists and engineers working on this technology are developing new technology prosthetics that carry the conventionality of the traditional prosthetics, and pack the additional goodness of touch within the same design.

The prosthetics are under the testing stage now, and people chosen for the tests, were able to differentiate through different items such as orange, a bottle, and a basket ball without looking at them.

The prosthetic also allows patients to control the level of pressure they would like to apply to their touch. The prosthetics allows patients to hold, touch or grab anything the way that they want. While this technology is under testing, it is still not ready for average human use. You need electrodes and a lot of processing power to fit the hand into place.

TALOS' Iron Man Suit

TALOS, which stands for Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, is a combat suit that is being worked on. The US army believes that this suit would be a reality during the coming four years. The TALOS is one of the most empowering combat suits being worked upon in the market, and packs the goodness of shock and fire protection with ballistic control for SO soldiers.

The aim of the TALOS suits is to provide soldiers on the field with better and more versatile protection than the one they have currently. The development of this suit is a collaborative being funded and organized by corporations, government agencies, and university research departments.

While there is no working prototype of the TALOS currently, officials from the US army believe that they will have a working prototype ready by next year. While civilians wouldn’t be allowed to buy this suit to begin with, it is expected that the suit and its benefit would eventually trickle down for civilian use in areas under conflict or war zones.

Super Maglev Train

Chinese researchers and manufacturers have recently begun work into the next stage and development of train transportation. The transportation method is believed to be even better and faster than the Maglev technology also initiated by Chinese researchers. Both China and Japan already boast of lightning fast trains that can reach speeds of 260 miles per hour in no time.

However, the next generation Maglev, or the super Maglev, is expected to be even faster than the previous versions of the Maglev that we have operating in both of these countries currently. The Super Maglev is expected to pack a bigger and better engine inside the train, which will help with speeding up the engine faster than before.

High Power Wireless Charging

Wireless charging currently means charging from a pod, rather than a cable or wire. However, a team of scientists from Korea have additional plans. The team is working on wireless charging methods that can be followed from a distance, without any alteration whatsoever. The prototype, which is under progress currently, is expected to give people the ability to charge their phones from a distance of 15 feet.

The DCRS helps achieve this, through the use of a magnetic field. The wireless charger also has the power to charge 40 phones at once, so enough with the fights over the charging device.

Brooke Collits
Brooke Collits
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