Five Perks of the BeHa Smart Heaters

How they will make your life easier

Five Perks of the BeHa Smart Heaters
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When deciding to move with the times and switch up the heating in your home for the smart kind, it is important to find a system that meets your needs. The market has many options of smart heaters to choose between, and there are many factors to consider. Here are a few ways in which smart heaters from BeHa stand out.

Low energy usage

When it comes to satisfying laws for energy usage, BeHa is among the world’s leading brands. The heaters only use 0.3 watt in standby, which is highly competitive in today’s market. The BeHa smart heaters surpass the EU framework for the Ecodesign requirements for energy-using products. Being controllable via an app on your smartphone or tablet also means you will not have to leave the heaters on and using electricity when you are not at home. Smart heaters make it a lot easier to control the energy usage in your home.

Remotely controlled

Control the heaters from your smartphone or tablet, regardless of where in the world you are (as long as there is Wi-Fi). The heaters will only follow the time zone they are physically in, and will not be affected by what time zone the app is used in. Multiple people can be logged in on the same user, so whoever wants to control the heaters can do so, not having to rely on one person to always sort the heating. This system gives you the freedom to find what works for you, and to go with it. You are free to follow whatever routine is convenient to you, as you can set programs with the exact specifications you require.

Internal memory

Another great feature is that the heaters have internal memory, which means all info is saved directly with the heater. So if there is a power outage or the Internet connection is lost for any reason, the heaters keep your programs saved. This means you do not have to worry about setting everything back up from scratch if you want to move the heater, or if for any reason the heater is switched off or disconnected. Heaters without internal memory will lose all your data and settings if it is disconnected.

They look nice

These heaters come in a smart, sleek design. Whether you prefer a steel front or glass front heater, they look nice and discreet, making it easier to have them fit in in your home. The simple design makes them a natural part of the wall, adding an elegant look. The glass fronts are made from toughened glass that is tested through a Brinell Hardness Test, so there is no need to worry about the glass breaking. The glass also has IP rating 20, meaning that if anyone accidentally touches the glass whilst the heater is on, they will not burn their hands. In other words, the glass is safe for children and pets, giving you peace of mind.

Practical functions

One more perk of the BeHa smart heaters is that they have a cold draft function. If a window is opened in the room the heater is in, it will switch to frost guard mode, which means the temperature will be reduced to 5°C. This way you avoid wasting heat when you wish to let some fresh air in. The function will be active for a maximum of 15 minutes. This is also an environmentally friendly function, as you are not heating up air for no reason.

BeHa has produced heaters for over 100 years, ensuring that you are purchasing a quality product that lasts. Scandinavian Trading Ltd imports and retails BeHa smart heaters in the UK. Browse products here.

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