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Fish farming: nourish the body, nourish the heart, nourish the essence, you deserve to see

by Lonetoft 2 months ago in book reviews
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Gazing at fish relaxes and focuses the mind.

Fish farming: nourish the body, nourish the heart, nourish the essence, you deserve to see
Photo by Katie McNabb on Unsplash

When it comes to the benefits of keeping fish, I'm afraid fish lovers can't finish talking about it all day and night. Fish can not only bring people the experience of beauty and happy time, but also a number of studies have shown that fish can play a role in reducing the incidence of some diseases and even treating them. Fish nourish the body, mind and soul, today and share with you, the results of scientific research, what are the benefits of fish farming.

A, relieve stress

When you're stressed, your heart beats faster, you're worried, your face is full of dark clouds, and you even want to smash things! At this point, why not give yourself a little vacation! What to do? Look at the fish!

The U.S. National Marine Aquarium, the University of Exeter and the University of Plymouth researchers to study the benefits of aquariums on human health, selected 100 volunteers for observation, to study the increase in the number of fish in the pool, the volunteers' mood changes, heart rate and blood pressure.

The results of the study showed that looking at fish in the aquarium can lower blood pressure and slow down the heart rate. Focusing on watching fish for 10 minutes can produce positive changes in the human body. Researchers also found that watching fish regulates mood, and gazing at fish relaxes and focuses one's attention.

So it seems that when there is friction at home, we go together to the fish tank by the fish pond, make a cup of tea, look at the fish, may be able to play a calm and quiet, to resolve family conflicts of the miraculous effect ~

Second, reduce the incidence of disease

I didn't know that those small fish in your fish tank, seemingly uncontested, swimming aimlessly, but they can prevent and treat a variety of diseases of the hidden master!

A survey in Australia and Germany showed that people with pets have less frequent medical care and an average of 32% less hospitalization time than those without pets, and scientists have found that the more fish in the aquarium, the longer the attention span and the happier the mood.

Since the fish, body times better, eat well ~ the more fish, the happier the sentence, is really very reasonable ah ~

Fish can not only prevent cardiovascular disease, but also! It can also calm Alzheimer's ~

A Purdue University study found that a fish tank displaying brightly colored fish may reduce destructive behavior and improve the eating habits of Alzheimer's disease patients.

In the company of ornamental fish, patients were more mentally relaxed, less aggressive, and exhibited fewer behaviors such as yelling and pacing back and forth. And patients who watched the fish increased their food intake by an average of 17 percent.

The therapeutic effect of the aquarium has been applied in practice, the People's Hospital of Henan Province, with a length of about 14 meters, 2 meters high super big sea water tank!

Since the completion of the tank, the effect is outstanding

Many inpatients come to watch, take out cell phones to take pictures, with such a group of lively and free little cute, patients come to see the fish from time to time, the hospital tension and depression cleared away, the mood happy and relaxed ~ the body will also recover faster ~ I strongly recommend the implementation of the national hospital!

Not only that, some dental clinics will also be in the consultation area to put an aquarium, real name envy! When I think about the treatment of teeth, there is no place to put my eyes, so I have to stare at the ceiling, seriously feel the feeling of the drill in the mouth grinding teeth

I wish I had a little fish to keep me company!

"The heart is chaotic is born of a hundred diseases, the heart is quiet is the rest of all diseases", Yuan Dynasty medical doctor Luo Tianyi once pointed out the trick to health. Bad mood can lead to coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and a series of digestive organs and endocrine system diseases, good mood will help maintain physical and mental health. Ultimately, fish farming brings people a relaxed and happy mood, a quiet and elegant after a tiring day, the spiritual enjoyment of rejoining nature. A pool of water, a few fish, greenery around the pool, flowers, in which, as if walking into the peach blossom source belongs to the fish lovers themselves.

So many studies have proven the benefits of fish farming on people's physical health and emotional regulation ~ what? You say raising fish costs money? "Fish must have to buy a fish tank, buy a fish tank, of course, with filtration! There is filtration to clear water quality ~ filtration so good how can not buy a few good-looking fish? Look at my fish, so beautiful, it must eat advanced fish food! Fish eat more and grow faster, grow up can not be aggravated, change the big fish tank! If the tank is big, the filtration should follow! Filtration is done, of course!

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